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Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I had facebook...

My status would be: 'I am about ready to rip my eyeballs from my socket and suck on them as if they were gobstoppers.'

I honestly understand my mother now. I can't believe she has been able to sit around for the past 8 weeks while her foot has been healing. I AM SO BORED. Needless to say, if you check up on me in a few years, I will probably be working, having kids (depending on when you call), working on my practice, going to school, doing stuff at church...yadayada. Anyways, I am going home tomorrow and look forward to helping with the house/hanging around there.

Other facebook status's and quotes from this quarter:

"Half of me is ashamed that I have to use an umbrella, the other half of me is really glad that I don't have a cold because of that decision."

"You'll have plenty of time to have your heart ripped out like your brother's"- name that movie!

"A spork, and a true love is all you ever need in life, and an electric blanket"

"It's a child's vest" - Maggie Brown

"Remember who you are. (now in high pitched voice) And kisses are speciallllll!"

"Make magic happen!" -Jon Cox

"What would I do if I had to marry one of you and kill one you? That's a really hard decision" (Laura and I are still waiting on that one, although I think I give up because she is so ahead of me in the rankings, plus I think she already won)

"MDF!" (in annoying high pitched valley girl voice)

"Let's just drive up these stairs"

"Maren! You look like a girl today!" ... "Thanks, Devin" ... "Maren, you know, it's surprising but today you look like a girl today too"... "Thanks, Brother White!"

All I have to say is that this quarter has changed my life. done.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post #100

Finals? Anyone, anyone?

I am really excited to go home for Christmas. I think it will be really fun to get back into a different circle of friends and see my family again. Apparently it's really icy/snowy up there and I am excited. Maybe I won't be able to get home. That would be sad.

I feel like a bear, once winter hits I pretty much just want to eat, all. the. time. That's never good for me but I deal. Option one: nap. Option two: eat. Option three: continue studying. How about all three? Can't I have my cake and eat it too?

Basically this quarter = me feeling like I never study/studied enough and trying to be social. I feel like I have a good enough grounding here that I can scale back the social events and get a job and study more but don't worry I won't crawl into a social hole. I will make time for fun.

Alright enough chatting, I need to go study more/eat/sleep.

My mind is so scattered. Sorry!

love, Maren :)