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Friday, December 31, 2010


Can we talk for a second about how I have the BIGGEST crush on Jeremy Northam. He's just a normal looking tall, dark and Handsome man. It doesn't hurt that he plays in a Jane Austen movie.
Man. If I were older...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funeral March

Guys, she's dead. My heart goes with her. :(
Darcy the Valiant has called it quits.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Cases of Tapeworm are on the rise around the nation this season as people are eating more and more sushi. Tapeworm, a parasite that live in your intestines and can sometimes burrow into the walls of your stomach lining and survive for up to 3 years, can be acquired from eating sushi and especially homemade sushi. Sometimes the parasite can grow up to 25 feet long and must be surgically removed. The parasite is most commonly found in cod, and wild salmon. Most professional sushi restaurants must freeze their fish for at least a week, a process demanded by the officials that kills all parasite within the fish. A perfect recipe for disaster is to make undercooked sushi at home and it has been advised that doing so should be kept at a minimum. Does this mean that you should stop eating sushi? No, just be aware of what you're consuming and who is preparing it. Happy Holidays all sushi consumers!"

Thank you Mr. Radio announcer. I'm glad that I didn't go on a date a couple weeks ago where cod, wild salmon, scallops and squid were the innards of my homemade sushi...

Thank you Mr. Radio announcer for adding one more paranoia to my growing list. Do you think my constant need for lots of food is a bad sign?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Booth Day Continued

So on Monday I took Mom to the airport my car exploded. Literally, there is no reason I should be a live right now. This picture proves how unlikely it is that I could survive the flaming mass of metal. In reality it looks like it's just a heater hose that is leaking coolant everywhere. It was scary trying to get home though. Every time I slowed down past 35 it would start smoking. Needless to say I got myself home and have opened the hood many times to do some diagnostic work. It should be fixed by the end of the week. So I frantically call Dad :"Dad, i'm about to die, tell Mom I love her and tell Sophie she can have my room." He informs me that he's currently on the other line with Mom who can't find her reservation to get on the plane and neither can the airline. Poor Dad, two scared Women who may possibly be hysterical (I can't for sure say that Mom was hysterical- I didn't hear her but I may have been freaking a teeny bit) calling him at the same time. He wins the award for getting us all successfully home and on our way even getting Sophie to school without breaking a sweat. Anyways, Mom got on the plane, I got home and everything is slowly working itself out.

Hope all of you had an eventful week like I did. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know it's been a Booth Day when...

1. Mom tells you to go get the garbage cans and the monster one with the attached lid flips back in the wind and breaks your nose... well almost breaks it. Props to Sophie for not being scared of garbage cans for the rest of her life!
2. You get a phone call at work telling you that the cap on the back of your monster truck was blown off by the wind.
3. Dad's major concern is his baby Truck's cap, the quintessential question flying around the vast expanse is: 'can it be salvaged?'

It will be a Booth weekend for sure: filled with Christmas, swim meets, concerts, work parties, choir rehearsals, finals, babies lots and lots of driving, mistletoe mischief (no ideas Tom) and an overall lack of sleep.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what's that?

Can we talk for a sec about why i keep procrastinating homework tonight?

Good, I didn't really want to either. But I'm sure my textbooks would like to have that chat... oh early bedtimes, how I love you.

Today my roommate and I went to the IMA (Intramural Activities building) and 'worked out'. Well, technically we did ride bikes for 15 minutes but then we popcorned around the free weights room playing on whatever machine we could find. Lesson of the afternoon: don't try to get your fitness back between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today I've been thinking about the talk: The Healing Power of Forgiveness by James E. Faust. How did those people have such prepared hearts to forgive the killer of their children? Oh how I wish I knew their secret.

p.s. HAPPY DECEMBER! Remember: He is Christmas.
p.p.s. this day just got 100% better. I looked at my calculus test score from yesterday.... 40/50 people!!!!!! This is huge considering that my last test score was 25/50 and my prof grades on improvement! I was only hoping for a 35. Someone loves me. :[] That is all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Have you ever seen the Wedding planner? Do you know the part where Mary idiotically hides behind Matthew McConahuey at the outdoor flower market because she sees her ex-fiance and his new wife? How can you blame her right? They had some serious history together. I don't judge her too harshly because it was probably just a knee-jerk reaction, he caught her off guard, it never occurred to her that she might see him in some random market. (If you need a reminder youtube: the wedding planner part 7-10 and fast forward to minute 3-4:13)

welll.... I had my 'Mary' moment yesterday during the Black Friday Festivities. Have you ever had one of those people that comes into your life and so affects you that you find yourself "getting drinks" at Woods kind of before you can be rational enough to figure out that this person is, in fact, forbidden fruit? That happened to me this fall. This guy was so good, so warm, so cute...it was definitely a "powerless to resist", zombie kind of moment. I found myself starting to go there and it really horrified me how close I got to falling into the deep end of the pool. Anyway, this guy would not have helped me achieve my goals, but, oh, what a catch for someone else. Well, as I was shopping with my mom and little sister, I suddenly went PTSS when I saw him for the first time since leaving for school. So what does this look like? I idiotically ducked behind my mother and ran away "oh my gosh! It's so and so!" I then ran as fast as I could to the nearest store and projectiled myself behind neatly stacked piles of merchandise. Needless to say, it was not one of my finer moments... but still. HE CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD!

In my dreams I would've politely and calmly "hello, how are you doing this fine holiday season? Oh yes, school is wonderful. I have some really fun boyfriends, oh well you know, friends that are boys..." But instead Ugly-Maren emerged from the back closet she gets shoved into.

Better luck next time.

(all illustrations kindly provided by Sophia Booth)

NEW FLASH: THIS JUST IN... i have been a terrible influence on my sister. I have been informed that this knee-jerk reaction is spreading. Please watch out for signs of PTSS or sudden 'duck and cover' inclinations. If needed, please see a health care professional as soon as possible.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Guess. What.

Today there was no school because of the snow/potential ice. So naturally, I got all dressed up....

My calculus test was cancelled. I threw snowballs at my roommates car. Dessert crepes and Beauty and the Beast look to be in my future. Today has been a good day.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

95 pumpkins dressin up like the tooth fairy

Yep: This is what the tooth fairy's make-up looked like this weekend... more pictures to come.
Here's my favorite part about taking Aunt Betty to dinner. 1. She is allergic to too much fat, sugar, potatoes... pause

Swan Princess: Today for Sunday School we talked about Priesthood holder exercising unrighteous dominion. I'm fairly certain that Rothbart is exercising unrighteous dominion by
turning Odette into a swan and making her marry him in order to get his kingdom. Lesson: do
not date men who turn you into a swan until you marry them. Way to apply Sunday School to real life- pat on the back Maren!

Anyways: Aunt Betty is allergic to many things and her Doctor has told her to 'cut back' on all these things. So I take her out to dinner/ she takes me and what does she 'cut back' on?
AB: "I want the special"
Server: "Do you want mashed potatoes or a baked potato?"
AB: "Oh, I can't eat potatoes- can you please slice up a tomato and put it on the side?"
Server: "Yes of course... tonight for dessert we have carrot cake, vanilla ice cream and mocha almond fudge ice cream"
AB: "oooo! I want the Mocha-almond fudge, it's my favorite"
yep, you read that right, she cuts back on potatoes!

Here's my other favorite thing: As we were driving home I was driving downhill which obviously means that I was speeding a teensy bit and we had literally just passed a 25 mph sign.
AB: "Maren, are you going 25?"
Me: "ummm. NO..."
AB: "That's what I thought"
Oh if only I could always be chewed out by a 95 year old woman!

In other news, I received my pumpkin! Once I get the pictures from the process I will explai
n it, for now, here's the pumpkin:
Alright, I better go finish the Swan Princess. p.s. my new roommates and I are CRAZY! I laugh SO MUCH... so if you want to listen to how crazy we are, talk on the phone with me while they are in the room.

Words Cannot Describe.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Words Cannot Describe

Tonight. I looked like this:
Only imagine an 80's dress that is krinkly with fishnet tights and the make-up on my eyes is MUCH greener than it looks.

Also, 1 thing on my bucket list can be checked off. Today I learned how to blow glass! As a late Birthday present (Thank you!) I learned how to make a glass pumpkin and hopefully I will have it sometime this week... unless it gets personally delivered to my house, in which case I will be subscribing to the witness protection program. Speaking of which, last night I had a dream where I saw someone who had been murdered in my shed. I blame that on Mom. It was really scary.

Words cannot describe:
  • how much I have laughed this weekend
  • how cool it is to be in the presence of people who go 'all out'
  • how mischievous I feel with my new roommates
  • how I love girls' weekends
  • how I love family
  • how I love my planner
  • my need for a nap
  • my love for the Temple
  • my newfound love for pandora
  • my desire to go to Israel
  • how much I want to see Diggum!
  • my attempts at being daring
words cannot describe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Evening

What am I doing?

GOING TO BED!!! Guess what my friends... this may be the earliest night I have had all week... in hopes that I get more done tomorrow. I will attempt. Maybe I'll even get to sleep in till 7!

Also. If you're in the mood to hear some crazy things come out of my mouth, come on over. I have gotten to the point where that filter that I have worked hard to put on my mouth (in regards to potentially very awkward comments) has come off. Things like, "once you pulled up your pants..." and "rub them down with a blanket"...... .... I promise, I don't mean anything by them, but the filter that helps me realize the potential awkwardness of them is gone. Week three my friends, week three. I am tired and it may be entertaining to you!

oh my, where did my filter go?

pictures of school to come!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hometown Pride

Although this video may not convince you of it, there are people who have more hometown pride than I do. If you have ever heard Michelle Crapo talk about Wenatchee, then you know I'm right. In the meantime, feel free to check my cool little city. It's adorable.

stay tuned...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

well well, here we are

So. The wedding was successful. The lovebirds are on their honeymoon, Sophie, Alex, Kristine and Robert are at Aunt Lois's at the fair and now here sit Mom and I at the kitchen counter discussing life and watching Nanny McPhee. What is there more to life? Serious life conversations, a good movie and the satisfaction of good relationships.

All I can say now is, it's time to get our party on for the reception!

Well....there's a quick note for you. You may get more if you're good!

yours truly,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mr. Darcy has arrived at Rosings!!!!

I never understood why Colonial Fitzwilliam and Lizzie never got together. I mean, I realize that she is supposed to end up with Mr. Darcy, but Colonial Fitzwilliam was waaay more fun and happy. I feel like that's way more attractive than the brooding dark quiet one. Although... I guess it depends on what mood I'm in and I guess Lizzie is fairly brooding or at least pessimistic.

Sometimes Mr. Darcy can be soooooo awkward sometimes. "oh hey... let me just come hang out with you alone and sneakily figure out if you would be willing to marry me at all....50 miles... too long from Longbourne? No waay! You wouldn't want to be too close to Longbourne...right?" oh awkward social situations. I feel like I find myself in them all the time... at least once a day. You can just ask my family, they usually get the story.




You see, he IS very prohfmg proficient a tvgfjhn TYPIN g. AND loves TO HELP ME TYpE. b . which usually urrr577 rESULTS IN MNANY random windows opening and shutting. It's quite exciting for him... Well. I better get going.

JOY!!! Life is happy and I am EXTREMELY grateful to have so many people to watch who are so faithful and find joy in trials. I love this Life and I love my family.

Love Maren

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What am I doing up?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's actually quite ridiculous that I'm awake right now. I've been working 60 hours a week for the past 7 weeks with every Saturday an 8 hour shift and then a quick get-a-way to another venue to finally get to play. This Saturday was a little different. Instead of an 8 hour shift, I worked 10 (don't ask why, I don't know either) and then Mom picked me up and we went shopping so I could spend more money on clothes for the rest of the summer and for school. Yaay! The verdict? I don't know how much money I spent this last week but it was fun and a little painful on the checkbook but necessary. So, no more purchases for a while...at least the next two weeks. But I did end up with a whole ton of new fun shoes, shirts and a few other necessities. But mostly it was a normal Saturday. And in the end even though I have spent the entire last week working, I am still awake... I must be crazy!

So, have you ever noticed that the hardest times to go through are the times that you learn/change/grow the most? And then it's hard to see the progress because you are in the middle of it all but as you look back you realize how much you changed and grew. I can't really believe how much the last 7 weeks has taught me. It seems a little counter-intuitive to have learned more (at least that I see) when I'm out of school than when I'm in school. And even if that thing you've been working so hard for doesn't actually come your way, somehow it doesn't matter because you realize how much you learned in the process of working towards it. Anyways... I know I'm being vague, I enjoy being vague... I feel like I can throw people off my scent if I'm vague... Not that there's much to 'scent', but still. I better hit the hay, cause it's comin real hard!


p.s. you know it's a good day when your supervisor gives you bubbles in the office and tells you that it's ok to blow them in the office... it's been a good day. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Linear Reality

It's going away.

From now on, expect the unexpected. Do I have any idea how I'm going to break this pattern? nope. But it will happen.

but for now, bedtime. Girl's gotta get some sleep before she changes her decision making paradigm.

sleep well.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok. so maybe I didn't ever get back to my blogging career but I'm going to try and give an update now before institute. I have been working 60 hours a week which will be good when it comes time to pay for school and living again. When you work that many hours you get real close to your co-workers and it has been SO fun. I also start work at 5:30, A. M. so, things get real crazy about 2 pm. I also have a co-worker who has decided it's fun to 'call' me on his phone, I don't have a phone but he expects me to answer back on my finger phone. It's really fun and distracting and sometimes I ignore him. Actually most time I try to ignore him. I want to work hard.
Next: Austin and Rhea are officially engaged. That throws a new dimension to this whole summer and the family. So when I'm not working we are trying to get the yard all prepped for Guess what?! Yep, you guessed it: the reception! So that's been really good.
So. that's really all I can think of, I know, that's lame but life has been busy. It's mostly busy with little day-to-day things which is why there isn't really anything to report. So I hope you all have a Happy 4th of July! DO NOT blow any parts of your body off with firecrackers, that is not acceptable. so talk to you later!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I have learned this School year:

1. Freshman 15 (+or-5lbs) IS NOT A MYTH.
2. There is life after love
3. Seattle has lot's of hidden one-way streets
4. There are lots of things to do that don't have anything to do with Movies
5. If you buy more underwear, you do less laundry
6. Matthew McConaughey apparently never has a shirt on
7. After 18 years of singing Soprano, I am an Alto (according to UW specialists)
8. Bellingham is NOT very far from Seattle
9. Hulu is an EXCELLENT way to not do homework
10. Giggling by myself is one of my FAVORITE pastimes
11. I can successfully live by myself
12. Everyone should have a spork, a true love and an electric blanket
13. Seattle in the Spring is not the same as Seattle in the Winter (although it sometimes threatens) and I love it
14. There are lot's of things that you must learn on your own... unfortunately
15. I love babies (mostly)
16. The Lord makes all things work together for your good and you have to just trust that as you listen to the Spirit that the timing will be right and that you will survive. I know.

Ok. ok. there are billions of other things but my autosave is not working so I'm going to have to post it and think about these things some more.

For now... goodbye. The end. (but not)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Say it like you mean it

i really have no idea where that title came from, but it came so there you have it. whatever it is that you have been trying to say, do it and do it with conviction. or to put another spin on it, say what you really mean not what you think others would like. although, let me remind you that if it isn't nice or in the spirit of love/correction, maybe just keep it to yourself.

that is all.

and no, I haven't had any recent experiences that would spur this thought, it was just a thought, a proverb if you will. A Maren Proverb.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making a come-back

So. This week has been ridiculous, but I have loved every moment of it. But I have decided to make a special appearance in the middle of the week on my blog. Mostly just because every thing that I needed to get done major for the quarter is finally finished today until Finals week (at least school-wise). Now I need to focus on packing. I know. I'm moving all of my stuff out this weekend and I think I'm underestimating the amount of stuff I have. So the question is, do I spend the rest of my night packing or starting my calculus homework? Both seem pretty tedious.

Today: I got to take a nap!!!!!! It. Was. Glorious. I couldn't fall asleep for a while which was annoying but I enjoyed trying to and then in the end my entire nap was just wonderful. Then I was awoken by Myke (sorry Myke if I gave away your secret) who I haven't seen in 8 months and we went to dinner. How amazing it is to see friends. I lovve it! Then I planted little baskets for our adopt-a-grandma program with Relief Society and went to deliver. It was so fun. The Grandma I delivered to lives in an assisted living home who recently got married to a man who happened to live in the same building just on a different floor. And we see that there is hope for us all yet, so say my 28-30 year old unmarried friends. I don't think they're to that level yet but I guess whatever hope we can grab we should take.

Anyways, I better get back to doing something productive.

Weekend plans?

move, bike, eat, sleep, listen to an excessive amount of A Fine Frenzy, call lots of people to just chat, cheer for the end of school. the end.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I guess I could say...

How I love:

Aunt Stephanie- she makes me smile. Happy (Belated) Birthday Aunt Steph!

Firesides involving real fire- For those of you who missed it, you missed out (except for the smell of smoke on church clothes- that could very well have been missed). Marshmallows, chocolate of many varieties, graham crackers, homemade root beer, pineapple lemonade, and many people to meet and mingle with. What can I say more?

Grandmas- I have many. The ones who let me stay at their house and study for 5 hours. The ones who sneak for me gourmet rice krispie treats (can that happen, gourmet rice krispie treats?) Grandmas who let me take them out to dinner.

Hikes in the Cascades- I really do love hiking. Even if it's wet (yep, you read that right) I really enjoy traipsing up a mountain. The best part is, correction, the two best parts are, the people you are traipsing with are stuck with you so you can chat about lots of things, AND guess where you are at night? After taking a wonderful shower you are sleeping in your comfy bed, not on the hard ground. (ok, ok, I know that I have a lot to get over but let's be honest, I come by my inability to sleep on the ground honestly ;))

Watching movies by yourself- Last night I enjoyed one of my favorite movies and totally just giggled to myself the whole time. It was really enjoyable. I haven't giggled like that for a long time. And yes, it was giggling not laughing, I really don't giggle enough.

University 3rd Ward- Sacrament meeting was hilarious. the end.

Watching love happen- there has been lot's of that in the past 5 months. This year was to be one of entertainment for me and I was right. There is so much going on all the time I am amazed!

Thomas Jason Nicholas- he's awesome. So is his beard. I really just wanted to shout out to him again because he makes me laugh. Don't worry, it's not some weird obsession.

Kristine Booth- I asked her to find something for me on the internet cheaper and she totally found it super cheap. What amazing skills she has!

The whole darn Booth family- what can I say more?

Well. I ran out of things that I love. I'm sure that I could think of more but I have things to before I go to bed. These things have pretty much been my life for now. I'll let you infer the rest.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I wish I had awesome blogging techniques

But I don't!

Happy Spring! I know, it feels like ages since I've updated anyone on any part of my life but here goes:
School is going well. I have decided that attending UW was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I Love Seattle. I love being so close to home. For example, 2 weeks ago I ran up to B-town for a few hours to go to the Optometrist and get a new prescription. Things like that just wouldn't happen if I had decided to go to any of the other schools I had as options. I know that they say that if I had gone to BYU I would have had experiences that are available no where else in the World, but I have come to discover that this is the same anywhere you go... except maybe Pullman... ;)
My classes this quarter are interesting- not my favorite but the subject matter isn't so boring that I have a hard time doing the homework. Saturdays have become my least favorite day because I feel like I have to be oober productive the whole time when really I just want to Play. In contrast, Sunday has become my favorite because naps and letter writing have become a favorite past time. Those things just don't happen on the other days of the week.
There are lots of guys here that I find interesting....one example would be this guy. That was just a shout out to a fellow blogger that cracks me up. And maybe a shameless plug for the hilarity of his blog.
I'm going to be honest, I'm excited to move home for the summer because that means I get to play with my Nephew more. I'm so worried that I'll come home and he'll have forgotten who I am or worse, he won't smile at me anymore. He is getting so big that I will turn around twice and he have a deep voice and a hairy chest... he really has no chance. But it's good that I'm living so close. I really do love that aspect.
I love my ward. Yes, every single's ward has it's quirks but for the most part I feel like ours are endearing. And, as with most wards, I do cringe sometimes, but I still love the overarching affect.
I've been thinking a lot. That has been really good. The end.
Oh, I read my cousin Kristen's blog about that guy at BYU who tried to kidnap the girl he home taught and whatever. WORST FEAR EVER. Also, note to self: Brooklyn Ave is just as scary during the day as at night. I'm not sure why I insist on walking down it everyday. I think it reminds me about how wonderful my street is and it goes right past the grocery store. It's just so convenient. But honestly, what street is really that safe in the U-district? I challenge you to find one, then present your results to me. I will consider your findings.
Let's see... what else is going on... I never see my roommate, which keeps our relationship really good. Do you think that I should aspire to that kind of relationship when I get married? Maybe it will keep our relationship really good... I don't think that's a very good idea, but still, something to ponder on.
oh! I am taking this really AWESOME institute class. 1/2 of the class we discuss talks that were assigned to be read for the week and the other 1/2 a graduate student talks about how his/her research or program or study relates to the Gospel. It has been extremely eye opening and I have thoroughly enjoyed associating with such amazing people. Also, I'm taking a class taught by two grandmothers... so fun!
Not much else is happening. I should be better about updating daily but not much happens every day. I do a lot of school and talk to a lot of people but not much to blog about. I am going up to the BC Temple Dedication next weekend which I am really excited about. In other news, Austin comes home in 6 weeks. Where did time go? I don't know... but speaking of Austin, I better go write him.
That's my boring life for you. It's kind of depressing to be so busy but so boring. Maybe I better create more drama so that life isn't so boring... naww! That's not my style.

love Maren :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

alright alright. so, I'm in trouble

My mom is looking on my blog right now going 'no one's blogging right now....' so I decided to actually give a little update. First off, right now I am on Spring Break and basically my days consist of waking up, eating breakfast, putting on normal clothes and make-up, then running over to Alex and Kristine's and playing with Roberto all day long. He is THE cutest baby ever. Pretty much every time I look at him I get a little smile. It's the best. I've decided that the best age is 6 months because then they really start interacting and stuff... it's the best. You know, life is really good right now. As much as there are things that are annoying and things that I still haven't figured out about life, I really enjoy who I am- and there are things I can change if I don't like...

This quarter went pretty well, I didn't necessarily acquire the grades that I was hoping but I feel like I learned more this quarter than any other quarter in my whole school career. I think that's amazing- grades and test scores really don't reflect who you are; I may be like Alex that way. One of my best friends got engaged this quarter and I had the opportunity to help her fiancé-one of my surrogate brothers-do the proposing. That was a really fun experience. I definitely sat in the bushes for an hour in the rain while we video taped it. I also really had to pee... but don't worry about the fact that it was about Michelle getting engaged-really it's all about me! ;) I'm also ridiculously excited for the opportunity to help with and attend the Vancouver BC Temple Open House and dedication. I can't even express how much I'm excited for it! Here are some construction pictures. I do have to say that it is really nice to be home for a few days. I love my family and I miss being able to have family dinner-not only the good food but actually eating together. My roommate-who is wonderful- starting dating someone so needless to say we don't really see each other. Don't read too much into this- it's totally fine that she is dating someone I love her boyfriend. I'm just saying that it's super nice to eat dinner together and to be able to talk about lots of things and spend time together.

life is good.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little shout-out

This is a little shout-out to Maggie Brown for supplying me with this wonderful hat that I may entertain myself when no one is around. Unfortunately, it's too warm outside now to wear a wool hat around... :(

Life is good, I am just loving school, realizing how much I am changing, how much everything around me is changing all the time, how much I don't want to be left behind...

Let's see, do I have any funny stories? 34 year old with a 6 year old daughter? That may have been a possibility. You never what kind of awesome friends you'll find at the institute. I went to the Olympics with some friends a few weekends ago. That was pretty much amazing... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :).. and then I kept laughing all week. Robert is probably the cutest child ever... also Lilster. She makes me happy. The sun was a much needed break from the monotony of the rain here is Seattle (I did not say I didn't like the rain! I just needed a little vitamin D to supplement my supplements ;)). Also, I've decided I love going home because every time I do, I get bribed with Mallard's and movies... what more would make me need to go?

I think that's all the update I have for you. However, I may or may not be going to go see Legally Blonde this weekend...the musical... yeah, I know... it's awesome.

signing off! Hopefully more pictures soon! :)

love Maren :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The update's of a girl named Maren

so... my life is average. But here are some cool things that I have been up to:

Blackberry pulling game faces... apparently my mother trained me well "Yes, mother I'd love to pull blackberries out of the ground for 4 hours straight"...

Somehow I got put on lunch making for 200 people. Needless to say a spontaneous dance party broke out and Hollis and I got into the 'Swan Princess/ice skating' approach to dancing.

Friday Friendship Feast or F^3 if you like. Since our wonderful Senior missionary couple left, I have been helping out in the kitchen. Anyone want a new full time job at the Seattle Institute?

This is who/what I cook with... and learn with. Bro Knowles at the Barbee!

Institute Olympic games. Hard wood floors. pledge. socks. wicked race around a tape track in the middle of the gym. Need I say more?

1 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. 60 seconds. How many can you stuff into your mouth with the beat of the music?

Preparing for the Olympic games. If looks could kill.

Basically, I am having a blast. more photos coming. enough procrastinating the calculus homework...the end.

um. feel free to call me. I always want to talk to others. !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well Hello world!

I feel like I have been really responsible this school year about not blogging when I should be doing my homework, this new habit has 1. bored you all out of your mind and 2. allowed me to get semi-good grades and go to bed at a decent hour on school nights. I feel like it's a trade-off I am willing to make.

My new years eve was really fun, I went to a huge regional dance at the Seattle Center under the Space Needle and danced the night away and watched fireworks. It was good. I was able to have a good dinner with some new/old friends and now I this quarter is going to be really busy. I am going to REALLY enjoy my classes, the subject matter will be so interesting however, it will be really crazy and busy all the time. I know that I can accomplish all that I need to... it's just scary. I also know that I will be happy if I follow the Lord's timing, but that's also scary. Sorry that my post is kind of... heavy but that's how I feel when I'm in school. If you want to see pictures of my New Year's activities look here.

Oh, also, the Fireside tonight by Elder Neil L. Anderson was AMAZING. Talk about motivation.

well, good night!

love Maren :)