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Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Cases of Tapeworm are on the rise around the nation this season as people are eating more and more sushi. Tapeworm, a parasite that live in your intestines and can sometimes burrow into the walls of your stomach lining and survive for up to 3 years, can be acquired from eating sushi and especially homemade sushi. Sometimes the parasite can grow up to 25 feet long and must be surgically removed. The parasite is most commonly found in cod, and wild salmon. Most professional sushi restaurants must freeze their fish for at least a week, a process demanded by the officials that kills all parasite within the fish. A perfect recipe for disaster is to make undercooked sushi at home and it has been advised that doing so should be kept at a minimum. Does this mean that you should stop eating sushi? No, just be aware of what you're consuming and who is preparing it. Happy Holidays all sushi consumers!"

Thank you Mr. Radio announcer. I'm glad that I didn't go on a date a couple weeks ago where cod, wild salmon, scallops and squid were the innards of my homemade sushi...

Thank you Mr. Radio announcer for adding one more paranoia to my growing list. Do you think my constant need for lots of food is a bad sign?


Trisha said...

I am pretty sure I tried to warn you about this! P.S. I found your blog! and it made me miss you!

amber malmberg said...

Good thing seafood is repulsive to me! I just found your blog agai and it made me miss you too!!!