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Monday, March 22, 2010

alright alright. so, I'm in trouble

My mom is looking on my blog right now going 'no one's blogging right now....' so I decided to actually give a little update. First off, right now I am on Spring Break and basically my days consist of waking up, eating breakfast, putting on normal clothes and make-up, then running over to Alex and Kristine's and playing with Roberto all day long. He is THE cutest baby ever. Pretty much every time I look at him I get a little smile. It's the best. I've decided that the best age is 6 months because then they really start interacting and stuff... it's the best. You know, life is really good right now. As much as there are things that are annoying and things that I still haven't figured out about life, I really enjoy who I am- and there are things I can change if I don't like...

This quarter went pretty well, I didn't necessarily acquire the grades that I was hoping but I feel like I learned more this quarter than any other quarter in my whole school career. I think that's amazing- grades and test scores really don't reflect who you are; I may be like Alex that way. One of my best friends got engaged this quarter and I had the opportunity to help her fiancé-one of my surrogate brothers-do the proposing. That was a really fun experience. I definitely sat in the bushes for an hour in the rain while we video taped it. I also really had to pee... but don't worry about the fact that it was about Michelle getting engaged-really it's all about me! ;) I'm also ridiculously excited for the opportunity to help with and attend the Vancouver BC Temple Open House and dedication. I can't even express how much I'm excited for it! Here are some construction pictures. I do have to say that it is really nice to be home for a few days. I love my family and I miss being able to have family dinner-not only the good food but actually eating together. My roommate-who is wonderful- starting dating someone so needless to say we don't really see each other. Don't read too much into this- it's totally fine that she is dating someone I love her boyfriend. I'm just saying that it's super nice to eat dinner together and to be able to talk about lots of things and spend time together.

life is good.