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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little shout-out

This is a little shout-out to Maggie Brown for supplying me with this wonderful hat that I may entertain myself when no one is around. Unfortunately, it's too warm outside now to wear a wool hat around... :(

Life is good, I am just loving school, realizing how much I am changing, how much everything around me is changing all the time, how much I don't want to be left behind...

Let's see, do I have any funny stories? 34 year old with a 6 year old daughter? That may have been a possibility. You never what kind of awesome friends you'll find at the institute. I went to the Olympics with some friends a few weekends ago. That was pretty much amazing... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :).. and then I kept laughing all week. Robert is probably the cutest child ever... also Lilster. She makes me happy. The sun was a much needed break from the monotony of the rain here is Seattle (I did not say I didn't like the rain! I just needed a little vitamin D to supplement my supplements ;)). Also, I've decided I love going home because every time I do, I get bribed with Mallard's and movies... what more would make me need to go?

I think that's all the update I have for you. However, I may or may not be going to go see Legally Blonde this weekend...the musical... yeah, I know... it's awesome.

signing off! Hopefully more pictures soon! :)

love Maren :)