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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I wish I had awesome blogging techniques

But I don't!

Happy Spring! I know, it feels like ages since I've updated anyone on any part of my life but here goes:
School is going well. I have decided that attending UW was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I Love Seattle. I love being so close to home. For example, 2 weeks ago I ran up to B-town for a few hours to go to the Optometrist and get a new prescription. Things like that just wouldn't happen if I had decided to go to any of the other schools I had as options. I know that they say that if I had gone to BYU I would have had experiences that are available no where else in the World, but I have come to discover that this is the same anywhere you go... except maybe Pullman... ;)
My classes this quarter are interesting- not my favorite but the subject matter isn't so boring that I have a hard time doing the homework. Saturdays have become my least favorite day because I feel like I have to be oober productive the whole time when really I just want to Play. In contrast, Sunday has become my favorite because naps and letter writing have become a favorite past time. Those things just don't happen on the other days of the week.
There are lots of guys here that I find interesting....one example would be this guy. That was just a shout out to a fellow blogger that cracks me up. And maybe a shameless plug for the hilarity of his blog.
I'm going to be honest, I'm excited to move home for the summer because that means I get to play with my Nephew more. I'm so worried that I'll come home and he'll have forgotten who I am or worse, he won't smile at me anymore. He is getting so big that I will turn around twice and he have a deep voice and a hairy chest... he really has no chance. But it's good that I'm living so close. I really do love that aspect.
I love my ward. Yes, every single's ward has it's quirks but for the most part I feel like ours are endearing. And, as with most wards, I do cringe sometimes, but I still love the overarching affect.
I've been thinking a lot. That has been really good. The end.
Oh, I read my cousin Kristen's blog about that guy at BYU who tried to kidnap the girl he home taught and whatever. WORST FEAR EVER. Also, note to self: Brooklyn Ave is just as scary during the day as at night. I'm not sure why I insist on walking down it everyday. I think it reminds me about how wonderful my street is and it goes right past the grocery store. It's just so convenient. But honestly, what street is really that safe in the U-district? I challenge you to find one, then present your results to me. I will consider your findings.
Let's see... what else is going on... I never see my roommate, which keeps our relationship really good. Do you think that I should aspire to that kind of relationship when I get married? Maybe it will keep our relationship really good... I don't think that's a very good idea, but still, something to ponder on.
oh! I am taking this really AWESOME institute class. 1/2 of the class we discuss talks that were assigned to be read for the week and the other 1/2 a graduate student talks about how his/her research or program or study relates to the Gospel. It has been extremely eye opening and I have thoroughly enjoyed associating with such amazing people. Also, I'm taking a class taught by two grandmothers... so fun!
Not much else is happening. I should be better about updating daily but not much happens every day. I do a lot of school and talk to a lot of people but not much to blog about. I am going up to the BC Temple Dedication next weekend which I am really excited about. In other news, Austin comes home in 6 weeks. Where did time go? I don't know... but speaking of Austin, I better go write him.
That's my boring life for you. It's kind of depressing to be so busy but so boring. Maybe I better create more drama so that life isn't so boring... naww! That's not my style.

love Maren :)