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Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's Maren?

I bet you can't guess where I am right NOW?!

My new future home. The UW institute building. So far the trip has been somewhat successful. 1. eat lunch- check. That has been accomplished. 2. Find Jason a wife- uncheck. I showed him who she was, but they were never introduced. I guess that just means that he will have to come here for school. 3. Tour UW campus- check. I even went to the scholarship office, too bad I am a white female... there is nothing for me.

So anyways, now Jason and I are just going to chillout here until I decide to call Jenna or she calls me or something and then go eat dinner and hang out. I figure that I can get some homework done while I'm here. Well, maybe once I put this computer away. Computers are really bad for me. Their addictive, if i open it and start looking at stuff early on in the day, I will never get off. I just jump from site to site waiting for something to happen. So that's why I have to limit myself to getting on only in the afternoon or after some amount of my homework is done. And seeing as how I haven't done any homework yet, I need to get off the computer.

Ok, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! And for anyone calling me and giving me good news about their life (you know who you are) I am so excited for you. This is going to be a good year, like I said at the beginning of it.

Ciao!!! or bye, or see you later.

love you all

Maren :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anxiousness and Snow

It's snowing here! Yaay, who woulda thunk that it would snow here this week. It was like 50 degrees yesterday. Ok, i really need to go do some homework. I know this is a super lame post but i have a busy night.

However, i did take a power nap today which was WONDERFUL...

like amazing.

I'll talk to you later!

Maren :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Guess what?

I totally got new glasses today. Aren't they cute?

Austin said that they look like Twilight on glasses. Lame Austin.

p.s. Matt, your blog won't let me comment....

I have a lot of homework to do now. I have NO desire to do it and I am really distracted today. I woke up in a REALLY weird mood. Like super weird. So if I seem off, it's not you at all, it's all me.

But on the plus side, the Lord loves me because I got an 'A' on the history test that I was worried about all last week!! How does that happen!!

Ok well, hopefully I will see you all really soon.

Love Maren :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

You know whats amazing?

Grilled Turkey and cheese on super healthy bread and roasted red pepper tomato soup.

You know what's even better?

Being done with midterms...

YES. I survived!!!

Now, to finish up all of my unfinished ends. Making cookies to finish bribes. yaay.

I hope you all have a really good weekend.

I'm sure that you'll hear from me again this weekend.

love Maren

ps What kind of things make you happy?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


today i have had more than two meltdowns today. Maren keeps saying it's puberty but i don't believe her. i feel like everybody's mad at me in some way. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


YAAY for Faith.

1/2 of my big assignment is done!

I really need to go to bed. I will kick myself in the morning for this one.

so, here goes.

here is a poem that I had to write last year for English. I just decided today that I needed to put it on here. Don't make fun of my primitive (to say the least) poetic abilities...

p.s. I am putting myself on the line here.

My Family
Beginning with two, no three, now four!
How did six enter into our door?
Four children two dogs, then one now three
How did we allow this insanity?
A moment of weakness welcomed these friends
It has only just begun, it will never end.
Can we add one more to this tight little bunch?
I’ll take her, I love her, we can all scrunch!
I made a mistake by adding that one
Not on her character, she is way fun
But the two must go and start and zoo of their own
With three left at home and three on four legs
And such a small space being home was the dregs
But not without laughter and stitches at our side
The winter was not too bad to abide
Sometimes though, one has to grow up
Was that a tear I saw? Or just a hiccup?
How sad was that day when “he” went away
Only to call on the occasional Holiday
With despair in our heart we pulled away from the gate
Only a minute later to predict his soul mate
Things change when you’re building a house
The new had not been inhabited by even a mouse
Well actually a cat made our new home its burrow
With mush persuasion and tuna our brows did furrow
But let’s get back on track
After installing a few clothes racks
We moved into our beautiful new box
Not wanting to scratch it like a fox
Sadly the time comes when three becomes two
Gladly I did not have that job to do
The moment I realized was extremely bittersweet
But honestly now it has been a treat
Family life has been all I’ve ever known
Through its ups and downs I have grown
In and out, up and down, ebb and flow, cut and grow
Families are sweet and I love mine to death
I hope one day all will experience my living breath.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Round 4

I'm going to change the game a little bit. I don't want to give in to Matt's "you must win... I'll delete the post so you can win..."

So now....

15 reasons why you should start dating Jason Huggins

1. because you will get free meals
2. because he is healthy looking
3. he has a car
4. he is the EQP
5. he's half Asian
6. he's pretty chill
7. he's in school
8. he has no social life and needs one
9. he has scholarships
10. he went to Japan on his mission
11. he is hygienically inclined
12. when you say jump, he jumps high
13. he know how to play chess
14. he has free time in the evenings (definitely available)
15. he can help people with their homework


now we are up-ing the ante. Poor Jason, but let's be honest he asked for it when he suggested this ridiculous game.

Tonight I made the best pie (toot toot!) yes, that was me tooting my own horn. I am amazed that it turned out so well. Yesterday I went on a date (gasp! i know) and it was really fun. We ate and then went to an improv theatre which was...... interesting. It was funny at times but all I can say is that Matt owes me. But the best part was when during the last skit thingy they asked for someone who was on a date to come up and play a game. So they re-enacted their first date and if the guy did something that would really happen, the girl would ring the bell and if he did something that wouldn't happen she would blow the clown horn. Same with the girl actress. So then they fast fowarded to a year and a half later to going to the Upfront. The actor guy started acting like he was going to propose and then he said, "I think that you can do this much better" to the actual guy. So then he kneeled down and started to propose to her and luckily she said yes. But it was great. The moment that we all realized that he was actually going to propose, the oos and aaahs started. It was super cute. I can't even explain to you how ridiculously amazing it is to be able see someone get proposed to. But, like I told Matt, I would be soooo ticked if someone embarrased me like that. Oh man, it would be a very bad thing.


we are watching the Father of the Bride. I love it. I can't wait to see what my dad does whenever I get married. I'm pretty sure that my mother will have to talk him off the edge. It will be funny to watch, unless it makes me sad. But hopefully it will be good. (yeah owen!!!) jk. don't ask. that was just a shout out to my family. ok well. i am going to go read more blogs and/or watch the movie.

love you all!

Maren :)

p.s. I would love to. but I have to be able to do my homework. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Round 3

Thank you Jason for:

1. for thinking about doing the funny dance
2. for being a hamm radio expert
3. for driving to Hannah's house
4. for driving to Chance Manor
5. for magnifying your calling
6. for announcing the disaster drill relief society last week
7. for reading the Japanese letters on the side of the rice cooker
8. for helping me with my math homework
9. for helping me "focus" on Psychology study (unlike Matt)
10. for entertaining my parents
11. for being enthusiastic
12. for applying for scholarships
13. for offering the curry cook off idea
14. for playing with my cell phone
15. for telling us about your sister
16. for joking around with me
17. for being you
18. for showing my parents the online directory
19. for keeping me from blogging
20. for not getting beat up by the Australian guy on your mission
21. for trying our curry
22. for driving a green (my dad's favorite color) Ford Taurus
23. for telling me my computer is better than yours
24. for not taking away jobs from the UAW
25. for considering going to Jordan
26. for being pale (like me)
27. for watching Psych with us
28. for having a really busy weekend
29. for activating the shredder with your hamm radio in the clerks office
30. for letting me call you Juggins
31. for playing chess with Sophie
32. for playing Puerto Rico with me and Kristine and Alex (brave, brave man)
33. for sitting in your apartment alone ALL Christmas long
34. for driving to the institute
35. for humoring my mom
36. for humoring Debbie Burley
37. for eating the Burley's food
38. for drinking the Burley's Pepsi products
39. for doing tithing with my dad on Sundays
40. for being a clerk when you are not even a clerk
41. for not being creepy
42. for making curry for the chili cook off
43. for being excited for parent hood (hehe)
44. for being excited to eventually get married
45. for letting Matt and I feel the spirit of competition
46. for giving me something to do other than homework
47. for not pulling anyone away from the fancy dance
48. for being afraid of my mom
49. for letting Kristina and I use your computer at the institute
50. for helping me have ideas for the amazing lighthouse picture at Friday Forum
51. for making me laugh every time I see you
52. for forgetting then remembering that list of doctors in the stake
53. for not always making fun of me, only sometimes
54. for giving me even more things to thank you for so that I can beat Matt at this ridiculous game that I will win

Now I hope that you find this really annoying because you have to come up with at least 55 more things to thank Jason for... hehe :)

Maren :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank Your... (name that movie:))

I am thankful to Jason Huggins for the following 25 things:
1) Thank you Jason for eating our tough meat.
2) Thank you Jason asking out that girl
3) Thank you Jason not stabbing me tonight
4) Thank you Jason for mocking me
5) Thank you Jason living so close
6) Thank you Jason for coming to dinner
7) Thank you Jason for encouraging
8) Thank you Jason for giving me information on ASU
9) Thank you Jason for pointing at the lady bug
10) Thank you Jason for supplying the butter finger
11) Thank you Jason living with Peter Duggar
12) Thank you Jason for being an introvert
13) Thank you Jason for reading my blog
14) Thank you Jason for offering to bring potatoes
15) Thank you Jason for texting during our conversation
16) Thank you Jason for coming to WWU and entertaining
17) Thank you Jason for commenting on my blog
18) Thank you Jason for holding the cans
19) Thank you Jason for being a bodyguard
20) Thank you Jason for inviting people to dinner at my house
21) Thank you Jason for petting my dog
22) Thank you Jason for punching Sophie for me
23) Thank you Jason for talking to my dad in Japanese
24) Thank you Jason for not sucking..... .... that much
25) Thank you Jason for giving me more things to thank you about than Matt

Also, Thank you for typing this out for me.. HaHA eat dirt and die MATT!

Maren :)

p.s. as you can tell, I have been doing a REALLY good job of studying for midterms... :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Little Chunkies...

Here is a song inspired by Sophie and Hawaii and lots of other factors including my family.

The little chunkies decided to dance!
They didn't know how but they took a chance,
They jumped around in a rhythmic display
They blah blah blah blah we forget the words....

It is REALLY hot in my house right now. Austin built this amazing fire but now, in the words of my mother, "my face is melting off"

So... the other dilemma that I am facing is what major to do. What do you do if the school you want to go to doesn't have a good program? I'm pretty sure that i want to go doctor-ish or medical (most likely not nurse) but how do i go about getting to that stage with something that I like to do? How about psychology? i could diagnose everyones mental issues, including my own.

So random question...

What are you all doing for Valentine's day?
I hope you have something special planned (becc ;)), I don't really....

Well i have homework...

love Maren :[]

Monday, February 9, 2009

3 weeks at home and counting.......

So this is a first. I am posting on the blog.(Austin) You know it has been kind of a hassle since i've been home trying to find a doctor here in Bellingham. Every visit to the doctor has either lead to emotional or physical pain. Emotional because usually they just say, "I;m not going to charge you for this visit, but I am going to pass you on to someone else because I don't do this kind of surgery......." I think the only cool thing that happened so far was that I got to look at a National Geographic with pictures of Congolese rebels/footsoldiers/park rangers protecting mountain gorillas with Ak-47s. (yes, I like guns...) But other than that it has been a bummer having to get poked with needles and take medicine and stick my leg into a giant magnet and wear headphones so that my ear drums didn't rupture. Anyway I am not actually complaining here, although it sounds like it. Really I 'm am just saying I am getting a small taste of the whole medical russian roulette that happens when You have a semi-serious condition. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have full blown cancer or something like that. My heart goes out to you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well, I really shouldn't but...

I am going to post anyways. For a little update, I haven't figured out what school I am going to. I have been accepted to WSU, and now i am 8. Thanks Jason...

I should be doing homework.

Wow I have nothing to say. That's a first.

Thanks again Jason. Today Austin and I went to the institute and participated in the food drive for the Bellingham Food Bank. Me and Paul Church pretty much were amazing and won, while Paul (the other one) and Jason stood behind up and held the cans. That was fun. Actually we didn't win. But we did get Capri-suns which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

So my mother has just announced that this summer we are going to take a trip up to white rock and stalk the Psych actors. I really would like to meet these people and watch them act. It would be super funny. O_o

ok well I think that i am going to "try" and do some homework.

I love you all.


p.s. for sure this is my blog. no one else will write on it although they claim that they will. love you :)