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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Little Chunkies...

Here is a song inspired by Sophie and Hawaii and lots of other factors including my family.

The little chunkies decided to dance!
They didn't know how but they took a chance,
They jumped around in a rhythmic display
They blah blah blah blah we forget the words....

It is REALLY hot in my house right now. Austin built this amazing fire but now, in the words of my mother, "my face is melting off"

So... the other dilemma that I am facing is what major to do. What do you do if the school you want to go to doesn't have a good program? I'm pretty sure that i want to go doctor-ish or medical (most likely not nurse) but how do i go about getting to that stage with something that I like to do? How about psychology? i could diagnose everyones mental issues, including my own.

So random question...

What are you all doing for Valentine's day?
I hope you have something special planned (becc ;)), I don't really....

Well i have homework...

love Maren :[]


Rach and Chad said...

if you are thinking medical, go to UW...pretty much they are amazing. I think you would like being a PA= Physicians Assistant. They are a step below a doc, basically a nurse practitioner. Like my 'doc' here isnt really a doctor, she is a PA, but is parter with a few docs...long story short, get paid VERY well and only have two/three years after your undergrad rather than 45 years like a doctor. you really should talk to prez. hoyt and ask him about different medical avenues.

Fatty.Matty said...

HAHA....love the song....it's like the exact opposite here, FREEZING!

I have to agree....I hear UW has one of the best programs in the nation for most medical degrees....no joke....you definitely should check it out.

I'm not doing anything either for valentines day.... :( You're not alone

IDEA! We should do something!

Sanwa said...

From what I understand UW has a good medical program, like everyone else has pointed out. I wish I could point you towards ASU, but I am not sure how good they would be for that. If you aren't sure what field you want to go into, I would suggest talking to President Hoyt or one of the other doctor people in the stake about options. There are a number of other people in the stake that are in that field that would also be willing to give advice. I think I have a list laying around of people you could talk to. Let me know if you want the list.


bex said...

from what i hear, BYU has a great medical program...
haha. thats BS. but it needed to be said. :):)
& i really dont appreciate that not so subtle hint. okay maybe i do. but still. i dont wanna be disappointed. & i will send you an email..i really hope you know what its about already. hahah:):)

bex said...

and i can't believe i forgot to comment on sophies song!!! OMG i LOVE IT. i soooooo remember all of hawaii singing that song... but just the first line.. ahhahahaha

ohhh how funny. :):)

Maren Booth- Suze said...
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Maren Booth- Suze said...

Thank you all for your amazing advice. Rach, how are you guys holding up? I know, i have talked to Pres hoyt but i need to talk to him again. I think I also need to relook at PA.
Jason, thanks, that list would be awesome. SO i couldn't figure out who sanwa was and that was annoying until i saw you on my blog.
Matt, are you talking about a date? if not, then i am totally confused... just let me know
Becca, i love you so much. I love how freaking subtle you are. you always know what to say! good times in hawaii. remember how we slept on those really uncomfortable cushions so that we wouldn't have to touch the little chunkies? That condo was ridiculously small!

I love you...goodnight!
maren :)