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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anxiousness and Snow

It's snowing here! Yaay, who woulda thunk that it would snow here this week. It was like 50 degrees yesterday. Ok, i really need to go do some homework. I know this is a super lame post but i have a busy night.

However, i did take a power nap today which was WONDERFUL...

like amazing.

I'll talk to you later!

Maren :)


Kristine said...

hahahaha... our snow is melting and now I see where it went. hahahahahaha! Enjoy!!

Fatty.Matty said...

Snow is just an inconvenience when I have to drive everywhere....if only it weren't slippery....eh I guess it's not thaat bad.

Good luck at your thing tonight! I know you'll be reading this afterwards. I just forgot to say it before you left.




Maren O_o said...

You guys are so nice. I love the snow. Although my feet are super cold. I need to buy a nice pair of snow boots that are cute. Dual purpose shoes yeah!!

Love you and miss you guys...

Maren :)

p.s. mare bear= blech...

Fatty.Matty said...

why would you say that about yourself?

Kathy M. said...

Saw the news tonight and you guys are really getting slammed up there. I was going to sign off as "Snowless in Silverdale" but I just looked out and the first icy flakes are starting to fall. Doubt we'll get more than a couple of inches though.

Enjoy! Maybe the last hurrah of winter? ... or maybe not!

Maren O_o said...

i like it. Although, i don't know if i can get myself to school... we'll see!

Maren :)

Kristine said...

Hey Mare Bear. Hope you made it to school safely in your Winter Wonderland. Boots that are cute AND functional ~ BONUS!

Fatty.Matty said...

HAHA....Mare Bear is catching on!

Have fun today at UW....say hi to Jason's wife for me....I forgot to get them a wedding gift....eh I can send it after the honeymoon

I know you already left and you'll be back before you read this....but drive safe and watch out, Black Ice is a tricky little man who likes to make your car spin out of control off bridges....just a thought