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Friday, February 13, 2009

Round 3

Thank you Jason for:

1. for thinking about doing the funny dance
2. for being a hamm radio expert
3. for driving to Hannah's house
4. for driving to Chance Manor
5. for magnifying your calling
6. for announcing the disaster drill relief society last week
7. for reading the Japanese letters on the side of the rice cooker
8. for helping me with my math homework
9. for helping me "focus" on Psychology study (unlike Matt)
10. for entertaining my parents
11. for being enthusiastic
12. for applying for scholarships
13. for offering the curry cook off idea
14. for playing with my cell phone
15. for telling us about your sister
16. for joking around with me
17. for being you
18. for showing my parents the online directory
19. for keeping me from blogging
20. for not getting beat up by the Australian guy on your mission
21. for trying our curry
22. for driving a green (my dad's favorite color) Ford Taurus
23. for telling me my computer is better than yours
24. for not taking away jobs from the UAW
25. for considering going to Jordan
26. for being pale (like me)
27. for watching Psych with us
28. for having a really busy weekend
29. for activating the shredder with your hamm radio in the clerks office
30. for letting me call you Juggins
31. for playing chess with Sophie
32. for playing Puerto Rico with me and Kristine and Alex (brave, brave man)
33. for sitting in your apartment alone ALL Christmas long
34. for driving to the institute
35. for humoring my mom
36. for humoring Debbie Burley
37. for eating the Burley's food
38. for drinking the Burley's Pepsi products
39. for doing tithing with my dad on Sundays
40. for being a clerk when you are not even a clerk
41. for not being creepy
42. for making curry for the chili cook off
43. for being excited for parent hood (hehe)
44. for being excited to eventually get married
45. for letting Matt and I feel the spirit of competition
46. for giving me something to do other than homework
47. for not pulling anyone away from the fancy dance
48. for being afraid of my mom
49. for letting Kristina and I use your computer at the institute
50. for helping me have ideas for the amazing lighthouse picture at Friday Forum
51. for making me laugh every time I see you
52. for forgetting then remembering that list of doctors in the stake
53. for not always making fun of me, only sometimes
54. for giving me even more things to thank you for so that I can beat Matt at this ridiculous game that I will win

Now I hope that you find this really annoying because you have to come up with at least 55 more things to thank Jason for... hehe :)

Maren :)


Maren Booth- Suze said...

(this is matt on maren's computa[I'm a whug])

I WILL WIN.... Believe you me....Ms. Maren Booth....the girl who can't even keep a straight face for more than 10 seconds....and who can't even keep her plug in her computer....and who gets scared of an episode of psych....bahahahaha I win....FOREVER!

bex said...

hey man. that psych episode was creeeeepy.

dont deny it.

Fatty.Matty said...

haha, yeah. But deep, in the back of my mind, I knew that it couldn't be that bad, it was on TV. I was saying that in my sarcastic tone, I can be mean