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Monday, December 29, 2008

Famous Sophie Quotes

"Quick- buy something so i can put my book in a bag!"
- WA DC. DOn't know why but she decided it would be a good idea to carry her book around without anything else, no bag, no backpack, just a book...

"All I need now is money and men"
- yesterday- Puerto Rico (see below post)

"Screw you Austin!"
me: where did you get that Sophie?!
(think in cute 3 year old sophie voice) "my roll told it to me"
-Obviously several years ago at a Thanksgiving dinner (she's ten)

"sophie- if we get separated, go to a mother with children because no mother in her right mind would ever want more children!"
-WADC July 4, 2008

1 we have a problem - Sophie just now, trying to be funny?

"Underground railroad?"
(I had to Alex)

Ok i think that since im sick and i should've been asleep a LONG time ago i am going to go do that.

Ps I am bored so please all write on your blogs...

Maren :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Puerto Rico

This Game equals so bad for our family. If you read Alex and Kristine's blog, you know that we are semi competitive. I know I know, most people wouldn't think of me as being competitive, but seriously, when it comes to board games and card games, i can be pretty malicious. So Puerto Rice is the new game that Alex and Kristine got for Christmas. You know what ticks me off? I have lost every single time we have played. Alex the first time and then Kristine the next two. I think i might just have to pull out the big guns.... Not exactly sure how to do that yet, but i will figure out a way. But for now, They are sleeping in my bed, and i am watching my new movie, Becoming Jane! Good movie....

I hope though, all of you had a wonderful Christmas, i sure did. I think the highlight of my holiday has been having Alex and Kristine home and also talking to Austin. Austin sounds great and in case any of you were wondering he is mostly the same. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... I hope you get the picture. If not i can lay it out for you some more. The difference between then and now is that all of the blah blahs are mostly mission related. He is a great missionary and i think that he is really enjoying his time in the field.
Oh and i really hope all of you enjoy the Christmas newsletter. I found it rather funny, at least the part now about me. But let's be honest, everyone has to go through the whole dating scene, now it's just my turn. And you can all watch lovingly thinking about how glad you are it's me and not you ;) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

well now the man actually entered into the movie so i need to jet... bahahaha.

Bex, i love you!

Signing off
Maren :0

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i havent been contributing lately. i have been to 5 swim meets so far. i have won first place two times,but at the same meet. i am in love with swimming. 3 days a week at the Y.M.C.A. whenever i hear that song it's like having the a snow day and not having to go to school. (love it)

The past The Present and the future

here is the last picture taken with my braces on. Tomorrow they come off.

Creepy sophie!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Thats what i am...

now i have three weeks to not do homework but study for ACT (sat) and finish health, get the culminator ready for presentations in Jan and enjoy Christmas... But now i probably need to get off the computer and get some work done... sad :(

BUt this is how i feel right now...

Thank you to all who made this quarter possible... I actually enjoyed myself :)

Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why hello bored readers

How are you all doing? I am sorry that this blog is really boring, i am thinking about deleting it to simplify my life. But my mom says no. Today was good. Yesterday I went with the institute and played football at Husky stadium. It was fun but cold. I only played one game but i did actually block a pass and that made me feel pretty good. Institute is good, i started going to Friday forum and playing football. I guess they are going to continue practicing on Saturday evenings, so depending on how much homework i have i will go play. But it was always fun, except when i was the only girl. That was kind of awkward. We are going to get our Christmas tree tomorrow and decorate it. It makes me very excited. I love the holiday season and when you get to listen to Christmas music and sit by the fire... that's my favorite. I only have 3 weeks left in the quarter and i am extremely excited! I have a lot to do but I want to get it all done.

So yeah, that's what's been going on. My culminating project is going really well and i am excited to get it all checked off!!! Yaay Graduation!!!

well love you all!

Maren :)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay so i need help. Here are three graduations pictures. Please vote and tell me which you think should go into the yearbook (ps i already have one chosen i just want to know your opinions):

A. random bushes by the cabin.

B. Just look at those beautiful braces!

C. If you can't see me you are obviously blind. Hello! I'm the one driving that amazing monarch of the Puget sea!

Have a great night!

Thanks for the Support

Yeah, I have realized that i have it pretty easy. I'm sure it will get much worse, but i would just rather not deal with it. Too bad i want to get married eventually. Grrrrr. Oh well. So I got my first english paper results back and i am very surprised at how much the Lord blessed me to actually learn. Thanks to Julia and Tom and of course Mom and Dad for putting up with the crying (yes, after all i am a girl). I guess it all payed off. My writing scores on all the tests I've taken have been better than the other subject scores (SAT, WASL but as we know the WASL is sooo reliable). Anyways.. thanks to you all. I am trying to have lots of fun this year. Senior year is supposed to be fun right?... I know it really isn't but if you think that it is maybe it won't be too bad. Who ever gets all these high school things done? and then all the Applications. why didn't anybody ever tell me that applications are actually really annoying? But hey i guess they are just one step in the process of building your future. HMMMM do i really want a future... i guess soo.... Overall, even though this fall so far has been ridiculously crazy, i have enjoyed it. Thanks President Monson!
Happy Halloween. I think that i am going to a dance and to a friend's house for a little while. what did you dress up as? Any ways... and no we did not make chip wear the Belle dress tonight. Although we probably should have.
So i was working on my admissions essays and one is about all the ridiculous things that Mom has "given us the opportunity" to do. Man, we are crazy. We have done so many things and crazy ones that nobody but Mom would even contrive. I can't believe that we loved through it all. And yet i am still a weakling. I probably should start working out. But that would make me sweat so maybe not.
Today we read some of Grandpa Horn's letters to his sister when he was in the Navy. He was so funny. And I love how his mom always got on him for swearing yet he always did it. Lucky thing my mom doesn't swear... most of the time.
I really wish that I could be cool and have some great story to tell you all about me and some kind of funny happenings but i don't. Well i have been called a Goddess before. That was kind of Awkward. Does that count? I think i almost ran screaming from the gym. But I'm sure i will have some funny stories to come!! just you wait!!!

have a great Halloween and stay safe!!!

love you all and again thanks for everything you do, even if all you did was talk to me or let me talk to you.

love maren :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Worst Date. . .A Don Horn Special

Here's a picture of Maren and Kevin on their way to homecoming, October 11

Maren complains that I make her go on dates to increase her social skills, but really. . .my dad set me up with the Chevron gas station attendant! I always got my gas at this one gas station that my dad and grandpa got their gas at because my grandpa used to work for Standard Oil, and thus got a discount at Chevron. There was this high school kid that was friendly with my dad, and my dad gave him my number!

When the guy came to pick me up and my dad asked what we'd be doing, he said we'd be going to a drive in movie. . .then he asked what time my dad wanted me home my dad said, "Oh, she should be home by 3am." I looked at my dad in horror. The guy took me to one of the Alien movies. He wanted to make out in the back seat, so strangely I kept having to run to the bathroom, not only because the movie was stupid, but there was heat in the bathroom, and I was freezing. The guy wouldn't take me home until the second feature was over. Thanks to cell phones girls, you could call home and someone would come get you!

Needless to say I told my dad I'd get my own dates from now on, thank you very much!

So Maren, the Mrs. Bennett comments are unfounded! Love Mom

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Guess what we watched tonght? Ten points to anyone who can guess how that went over! Dad- you're not allowed to answer this one! Well, for me, this week was hard. I got my SAT scores back with the hope of finding that they would be good and that i would have no trouble getting into BYU and just move forward with my life. Yeah well... obviously the Lord had something else in mind or i just need to learn that i am not a very good standardized tester. ACT here i come! So I was just not having a good week but today i got to take a nap so that was good! I am still going to apply to any school that i want. I will have to write a kick butt admissions essay, thanks to Julia and Tom it will be ok; i am really postive about school and i think that i might as well apply to any school that i want to go to just write good essays. i think that the Lord might just want me to fight for what i want. Chances are i won't get in with those SAT scores anywhere. So yeah. I am freaking out a little bit but it will be all well. The Lord is going to bless me with whatever i actually need. Fortunately the Lord loves me and knows what i need. I just need to trust in him and do my best in every way. SO now i am going to maybe go to bed. I think i need to read some homework before i go to bed which is sad because it is always my goal to not do hw on Sunday but sometimes... we'll see !

I love you so much. I hope that you all have better weeks than i do! If you pray... someone is listening and will help you!

Maren :)

Manly Bonding

Steve went up to Utah this weekend to do the Manly Bonding with Alex and his brothers. All we hear is they're having a good time!

Monday, October 20, 2008


today i went to swimming. i go to swim team at the Y.M.C.A. you actually go to swim meets. i went to my first swim meet on oct. 11.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

chip in DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today we put chip in a dress! we kind of tortured him because he couldn't really walk. i would feel really bad.

chippy...and maybe me

chippy as you all know is the cutest dog in the world.about me! I'm ten years of age so I'm into double digits. I'll give you a pic of chippy to sub me

so to start

Have you ever gone in to get your haircut and just thought, you know what i am going to take a chance on this. Yeah thats what i tried to do this weekend. It turned out fine, at least i wasn't crying this time, but it definitely isn't really my style. So a couple weekends ago i went to homecoming. My mom made this beautiful dress and my friend Kevin took me. I had so much fun! Anyways... I think i need to go... maybe i will write some more later. but first here are some pictures.

Here is the new do: I don't think that i bangs really work too well.. sorry that the lighting is horrible!

Here is homecoming, Look at my beautiful old hair ;) Kevin and I were perfectly coordinated, i was so impressed! Thanks mom!

If any of you reading this know us...

you will know that this blog will be funny but maybe a little dramatic. We might not ever get around to actually telling you what we're doing because we are always doing so much... So i hope you enjoy laughing at us and think to yourself... wow i am so glad that is not me!!


Have you ever frozen a fly and super glued thread to it?
Have you ever seen a family and thought, if they dressed nicer they could be on tv? Well here is your chance to watch just that!! :)