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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Worst Date. . .A Don Horn Special

Here's a picture of Maren and Kevin on their way to homecoming, October 11

Maren complains that I make her go on dates to increase her social skills, but really. . .my dad set me up with the Chevron gas station attendant! I always got my gas at this one gas station that my dad and grandpa got their gas at because my grandpa used to work for Standard Oil, and thus got a discount at Chevron. There was this high school kid that was friendly with my dad, and my dad gave him my number!

When the guy came to pick me up and my dad asked what we'd be doing, he said we'd be going to a drive in movie. . .then he asked what time my dad wanted me home my dad said, "Oh, she should be home by 3am." I looked at my dad in horror. The guy took me to one of the Alien movies. He wanted to make out in the back seat, so strangely I kept having to run to the bathroom, not only because the movie was stupid, but there was heat in the bathroom, and I was freezing. The guy wouldn't take me home until the second feature was over. Thanks to cell phones girls, you could call home and someone would come get you!

Needless to say I told my dad I'd get my own dates from now on, thank you very much!

So Maren, the Mrs. Bennett comments are unfounded! Love Mom


Kristine said...

That is a great story.. :)
...and there you have it Maren, proof from your own mother that things could always be worse. Teri, what time did you end up coming home? I'm assuming there was no second date.

Kathy M. said...

I'm sorry... but the Mrs. Bennett part made me laugh out loud. I love "Pride and Prejudice." :-)

Hang in there, Maren... this too shall pass. Try to have as much fun during the process as you can muster. ;-)