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Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks for the Support

Yeah, I have realized that i have it pretty easy. I'm sure it will get much worse, but i would just rather not deal with it. Too bad i want to get married eventually. Grrrrr. Oh well. So I got my first english paper results back and i am very surprised at how much the Lord blessed me to actually learn. Thanks to Julia and Tom and of course Mom and Dad for putting up with the crying (yes, after all i am a girl). I guess it all payed off. My writing scores on all the tests I've taken have been better than the other subject scores (SAT, WASL but as we know the WASL is sooo reliable). Anyways.. thanks to you all. I am trying to have lots of fun this year. Senior year is supposed to be fun right?... I know it really isn't but if you think that it is maybe it won't be too bad. Who ever gets all these high school things done? and then all the Applications. why didn't anybody ever tell me that applications are actually really annoying? But hey i guess they are just one step in the process of building your future. HMMMM do i really want a future... i guess soo.... Overall, even though this fall so far has been ridiculously crazy, i have enjoyed it. Thanks President Monson!
Happy Halloween. I think that i am going to a dance and to a friend's house for a little while. what did you dress up as? Any ways... and no we did not make chip wear the Belle dress tonight. Although we probably should have.
So i was working on my admissions essays and one is about all the ridiculous things that Mom has "given us the opportunity" to do. Man, we are crazy. We have done so many things and crazy ones that nobody but Mom would even contrive. I can't believe that we loved through it all. And yet i am still a weakling. I probably should start working out. But that would make me sweat so maybe not.
Today we read some of Grandpa Horn's letters to his sister when he was in the Navy. He was so funny. And I love how his mom always got on him for swearing yet he always did it. Lucky thing my mom doesn't swear... most of the time.
I really wish that I could be cool and have some great story to tell you all about me and some kind of funny happenings but i don't. Well i have been called a Goddess before. That was kind of Awkward. Does that count? I think i almost ran screaming from the gym. But I'm sure i will have some funny stories to come!! just you wait!!!

have a great Halloween and stay safe!!!

love you all and again thanks for everything you do, even if all you did was talk to me or let me talk to you.

love maren :)

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Kristine said...

We regret to inform you that we did not dress up this year, but.. we had friends over, ate spaghetti dinner, watched a movie and passed out candy to trick-r-treaters. Hope you had a fun time...