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Sunday, October 19, 2008

so to start

Have you ever gone in to get your haircut and just thought, you know what i am going to take a chance on this. Yeah thats what i tried to do this weekend. It turned out fine, at least i wasn't crying this time, but it definitely isn't really my style. So a couple weekends ago i went to homecoming. My mom made this beautiful dress and my friend Kevin took me. I had so much fun! Anyways... I think i need to go... maybe i will write some more later. but first here are some pictures.

Here is the new do: I don't think that i bangs really work too well.. sorry that the lighting is horrible!

Here is homecoming, Look at my beautiful old hair ;) Kevin and I were perfectly coordinated, i was so impressed! Thanks mom!


Kristine said...

Maren, you are so cute... and the haircut is super cute. Just give in to the cowlick and all will be well. I would post a picture of my mullethead for you, but it would make me cry... seriously, it was the worst haircut EVER!!

AK Psi Alumni Chapter said...

Miss Maren you and Kevin look too cute and I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!! I agree with Kristine don't fight what god gave you just work with it and all will be well!