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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


YAAY for Faith.

1/2 of my big assignment is done!

I really need to go to bed. I will kick myself in the morning for this one.

so, here goes.

here is a poem that I had to write last year for English. I just decided today that I needed to put it on here. Don't make fun of my primitive (to say the least) poetic abilities...

p.s. I am putting myself on the line here.

My Family
Beginning with two, no three, now four!
How did six enter into our door?
Four children two dogs, then one now three
How did we allow this insanity?
A moment of weakness welcomed these friends
It has only just begun, it will never end.
Can we add one more to this tight little bunch?
I’ll take her, I love her, we can all scrunch!
I made a mistake by adding that one
Not on her character, she is way fun
But the two must go and start and zoo of their own
With three left at home and three on four legs
And such a small space being home was the dregs
But not without laughter and stitches at our side
The winter was not too bad to abide
Sometimes though, one has to grow up
Was that a tear I saw? Or just a hiccup?
How sad was that day when “he” went away
Only to call on the occasional Holiday
With despair in our heart we pulled away from the gate
Only a minute later to predict his soul mate
Things change when you’re building a house
The new had not been inhabited by even a mouse
Well actually a cat made our new home its burrow
With mush persuasion and tuna our brows did furrow
But let’s get back on track
After installing a few clothes racks
We moved into our beautiful new box
Not wanting to scratch it like a fox
Sadly the time comes when three becomes two
Gladly I did not have that job to do
The moment I realized was extremely bittersweet
But honestly now it has been a treat
Family life has been all I’ve ever known
Through its ups and downs I have grown
In and out, up and down, ebb and flow, cut and grow
Families are sweet and I love mine to death
I hope one day all will experience my living breath.


Fatty.Matty said...

good luck on the other half of your assignment!

I wouldn't call your poetic skills primative :)
It was personal and I liked it!


Kristine said...

How cute, I liked it a lot!
It's amazing to look at how much the family has changed over the course of a year. People coming and going... and now a new addition. Wonder what else will happen this year? Or next. Hmmm... I recall a conversation we had once about the magical age of 19... do you remember? Maybe that's too vague.

The Jensen Family said...

Good to hear from you....I hope school if going well!
Tell your mom my number is still the same (360-920-2238). We haven't changed them and won't until we get a job and decide where we are moving for good when Brian is done with school in May.
Hope all is well! Miss you.