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Friday, February 20, 2009

You know whats amazing?

Grilled Turkey and cheese on super healthy bread and roasted red pepper tomato soup.

You know what's even better?

Being done with midterms...

YES. I survived!!!

Now, to finish up all of my unfinished ends. Making cookies to finish bribes. yaay.

I hope you all have a really good weekend.

I'm sure that you'll hear from me again this weekend.

love Maren

ps What kind of things make you happy?


Kristine said...

Yum, yum... sounds good. We had pizza. Offering denied. One of these days I'll be able to eat again, it will be great!

Happiness = sleeping in on a Saturday morning after a long, hard week.

So do you get to do something fun this weekend? Or do you have something school related to work on?

Maren O_o said...

I have homework, but Matt and I are going to make cookies tomorrow... so i guess that's a break.

OFFERING DENIED... sad. I really hope that it skips a generation and i just feel like crap but still get to eat. I definitely don't get to sleep in. But that's ok... I'll sleep in on Sunday.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Is Sophie a spy?

love Maren :[]

Fatty.Matty said...

Mmm Cookies! I probably should do my Homework too after cookies, just some designs.

Good job on your midterms! I knew you'd do great, you probably wont need the bribes ;)

Pero si I'm of to go grocery shopping and then to your guys' house for a bit before Austin and I go to....Canada!

Woot....I might not make it back so this could be my last post :(

The Jensen Family said...

Congrats on Midterms...always a good feeling.
Tell your mom that the group I worked for was Lynden Therapy Specialists. Their B'ham office is just of the Guide on Orchard street and their number is 752-1575

I don't know their PT since the one they had moved about the time I did, but I am sure they have someone new who is good since they are picky about employees, or one of their OT's treats shoulders, so she could ask to see Lori Libolt. Lori does split her time between the B'ham and Lynden offices, so I am not sure what days she is in B'ham, but she is great and would give your mom an honest eval of her shoulder.
She can always call me if she wants more info (our numbers are the same). Sorry, I don't really know many other PT clinics in town....hand clinics, yes, but not shoulder and PT. Hope this helps and tell her to say hi to everyone at LTS for me if she goes there.

PS Have fun with your cookies...wish I was there to steal some....or maybe you want to drive down and babysit next weekend and will bring me some! J/K :)