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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Booth Day Continued

So on Monday I took Mom to the airport my car exploded. Literally, there is no reason I should be a live right now. This picture proves how unlikely it is that I could survive the flaming mass of metal. In reality it looks like it's just a heater hose that is leaking coolant everywhere. It was scary trying to get home though. Every time I slowed down past 35 it would start smoking. Needless to say I got myself home and have opened the hood many times to do some diagnostic work. It should be fixed by the end of the week. So I frantically call Dad :"Dad, i'm about to die, tell Mom I love her and tell Sophie she can have my room." He informs me that he's currently on the other line with Mom who can't find her reservation to get on the plane and neither can the airline. Poor Dad, two scared Women who may possibly be hysterical (I can't for sure say that Mom was hysterical- I didn't hear her but I may have been freaking a teeny bit) calling him at the same time. He wins the award for getting us all successfully home and on our way even getting Sophie to school without breaking a sweat. Anyways, Mom got on the plane, I got home and everything is slowly working itself out.

Hope all of you had an eventful week like I did. :)


Kristine said...

Oh don't worry - we had an awesomely bad week. Luckily we've all survived and will just keep doing our thing 'til the next tragedy hits.

amber malmberg said...

I love your Dad. He was the best seminary teacher. Plus, I'll never forget when "Daddy Booth" gave me a blessing when my dad was out of town. He was so kind to me just like my own dad would!