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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what's that?

Can we talk for a sec about why i keep procrastinating homework tonight?

Good, I didn't really want to either. But I'm sure my textbooks would like to have that chat... oh early bedtimes, how I love you.

Today my roommate and I went to the IMA (Intramural Activities building) and 'worked out'. Well, technically we did ride bikes for 15 minutes but then we popcorned around the free weights room playing on whatever machine we could find. Lesson of the afternoon: don't try to get your fitness back between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today I've been thinking about the talk: The Healing Power of Forgiveness by James E. Faust. How did those people have such prepared hearts to forgive the killer of their children? Oh how I wish I knew their secret.

p.s. HAPPY DECEMBER! Remember: He is Christmas.
p.p.s. this day just got 100% better. I looked at my calculus test score from yesterday.... 40/50 people!!!!!! This is huge considering that my last test score was 25/50 and my prof grades on improvement! I was only hoping for a 35. Someone loves me. :[] That is all.

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