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Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know it's been a Booth Day when...

1. Mom tells you to go get the garbage cans and the monster one with the attached lid flips back in the wind and breaks your nose... well almost breaks it. Props to Sophie for not being scared of garbage cans for the rest of her life!
2. You get a phone call at work telling you that the cap on the back of your monster truck was blown off by the wind.
3. Dad's major concern is his baby Truck's cap, the quintessential question flying around the vast expanse is: 'can it be salvaged?'

It will be a Booth weekend for sure: filled with Christmas, swim meets, concerts, work parties, choir rehearsals, finals, babies lots and lots of driving, mistletoe mischief (no ideas Tom) and an overall lack of sleep.


1 comment:

Jerkolas said...

Its not mischief if I can't get any ideas.