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Sunday, October 31, 2010

95 pumpkins dressin up like the tooth fairy

Yep: This is what the tooth fairy's make-up looked like this weekend... more pictures to come.
Here's my favorite part about taking Aunt Betty to dinner. 1. She is allergic to too much fat, sugar, potatoes... pause

Swan Princess: Today for Sunday School we talked about Priesthood holder exercising unrighteous dominion. I'm fairly certain that Rothbart is exercising unrighteous dominion by
turning Odette into a swan and making her marry him in order to get his kingdom. Lesson: do
not date men who turn you into a swan until you marry them. Way to apply Sunday School to real life- pat on the back Maren!

Anyways: Aunt Betty is allergic to many things and her Doctor has told her to 'cut back' on all these things. So I take her out to dinner/ she takes me and what does she 'cut back' on?
AB: "I want the special"
Server: "Do you want mashed potatoes or a baked potato?"
AB: "Oh, I can't eat potatoes- can you please slice up a tomato and put it on the side?"
Server: "Yes of course... tonight for dessert we have carrot cake, vanilla ice cream and mocha almond fudge ice cream"
AB: "oooo! I want the Mocha-almond fudge, it's my favorite"
yep, you read that right, she cuts back on potatoes!

Here's my other favorite thing: As we were driving home I was driving downhill which obviously means that I was speeding a teensy bit and we had literally just passed a 25 mph sign.
AB: "Maren, are you going 25?"
Me: "ummm. NO..."
AB: "That's what I thought"
Oh if only I could always be chewed out by a 95 year old woman!

In other news, I received my pumpkin! Once I get the pictures from the process I will explai
n it, for now, here's the pumpkin:
Alright, I better go finish the Swan Princess. p.s. my new roommates and I are CRAZY! I laugh SO MUCH... so if you want to listen to how crazy we are, talk on the phone with me while they are in the room.

Words Cannot Describe.

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Michelle said...

that pumpkin looks amazing! Where did you go to blow it?