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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Evening

What am I doing?

GOING TO BED!!! Guess what my friends... this may be the earliest night I have had all week... in hopes that I get more done tomorrow. I will attempt. Maybe I'll even get to sleep in till 7!

Also. If you're in the mood to hear some crazy things come out of my mouth, come on over. I have gotten to the point where that filter that I have worked hard to put on my mouth (in regards to potentially very awkward comments) has come off. Things like, "once you pulled up your pants..." and "rub them down with a blanket"...... .... I promise, I don't mean anything by them, but the filter that helps me realize the potential awkwardness of them is gone. Week three my friends, week three. I am tired and it may be entertaining to you!

oh my, where did my filter go?

pictures of school to come!



Kristine said...

You and Alex are so much alike sometimes... although, I don't know that Alex was ever blessed with the ability to have a filter.

Diggum says hi to his Auntie... don't worry, he hasn't forgotten about you.

Bex said...

yay for no filters!

Stephanie said...

Filter what's a filter! :) Love you have a great fall quarter!