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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Words Cannot Describe

Tonight. I looked like this:
Only imagine an 80's dress that is krinkly with fishnet tights and the make-up on my eyes is MUCH greener than it looks.

Also, 1 thing on my bucket list can be checked off. Today I learned how to blow glass! As a late Birthday present (Thank you!) I learned how to make a glass pumpkin and hopefully I will have it sometime this week... unless it gets personally delivered to my house, in which case I will be subscribing to the witness protection program. Speaking of which, last night I had a dream where I saw someone who had been murdered in my shed. I blame that on Mom. It was really scary.

Words cannot describe:
  • how much I have laughed this weekend
  • how cool it is to be in the presence of people who go 'all out'
  • how mischievous I feel with my new roommates
  • how I love girls' weekends
  • how I love family
  • how I love my planner
  • my need for a nap
  • my love for the Temple
  • my newfound love for pandora
  • my desire to go to Israel
  • how much I want to see Diggum!
  • my attempts at being daring
words cannot describe.


Kristine said...

That's a good look for you. You should do it more often. : )

Glad you had a good weekend - I'm sure you all needed the break. Diggum is totally getting over a stuffy nose bug right now... but one of these days we'll trek down your way. I desperately need to see Jenna also.

Bex said...

maren!! i wish i was at girls weekend with you! crazy makeup is fun :)