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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making a come-back

So. This week has been ridiculous, but I have loved every moment of it. But I have decided to make a special appearance in the middle of the week on my blog. Mostly just because every thing that I needed to get done major for the quarter is finally finished today until Finals week (at least school-wise). Now I need to focus on packing. I know. I'm moving all of my stuff out this weekend and I think I'm underestimating the amount of stuff I have. So the question is, do I spend the rest of my night packing or starting my calculus homework? Both seem pretty tedious.

Today: I got to take a nap!!!!!! It. Was. Glorious. I couldn't fall asleep for a while which was annoying but I enjoyed trying to and then in the end my entire nap was just wonderful. Then I was awoken by Myke (sorry Myke if I gave away your secret) who I haven't seen in 8 months and we went to dinner. How amazing it is to see friends. I lovve it! Then I planted little baskets for our adopt-a-grandma program with Relief Society and went to deliver. It was so fun. The Grandma I delivered to lives in an assisted living home who recently got married to a man who happened to live in the same building just on a different floor. And we see that there is hope for us all yet, so say my 28-30 year old unmarried friends. I don't think they're to that level yet but I guess whatever hope we can grab we should take.

Anyways, I better get back to doing something productive.

Weekend plans?

move, bike, eat, sleep, listen to an excessive amount of A Fine Frenzy, call lots of people to just chat, cheer for the end of school. the end.


Jenna said...

Why didn't I make it onto your weekend list? ;)

Maren O_o said...


I forgot that I was coming over!

But I have remembered periodically so I do know that it is on the list. Sorry!

love maren