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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I have learned this School year:

1. Freshman 15 (+or-5lbs) IS NOT A MYTH.
2. There is life after love
3. Seattle has lot's of hidden one-way streets
4. There are lots of things to do that don't have anything to do with Movies
5. If you buy more underwear, you do less laundry
6. Matthew McConaughey apparently never has a shirt on
7. After 18 years of singing Soprano, I am an Alto (according to UW specialists)
8. Bellingham is NOT very far from Seattle
9. Hulu is an EXCELLENT way to not do homework
10. Giggling by myself is one of my FAVORITE pastimes
11. I can successfully live by myself
12. Everyone should have a spork, a true love and an electric blanket
13. Seattle in the Spring is not the same as Seattle in the Winter (although it sometimes threatens) and I love it
14. There are lot's of things that you must learn on your own... unfortunately
15. I love babies (mostly)
16. The Lord makes all things work together for your good and you have to just trust that as you listen to the Spirit that the timing will be right and that you will survive. I know.

Ok. ok. there are billions of other things but my autosave is not working so I'm going to have to post it and think about these things some more.

For now... goodbye. The end. (but not)


Bex said...

i totally agree with the underwear one. its SO true. matthew mcconaughey never needs a shirt. alto is more fun. hulu is my saving grace. & i agree with the spork comment as well. GOSH I MISS YOU!

kaitlyn said...

since when do you like babies????? this is news to me. college SURE changed you.

i am glad you had a good first year! well done on entering the "real" world... sort of. ;)

ps never owned an electric blanket. will have to try it sometime!