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Sunday, February 6, 2011

so much magic

things are coming together my friends... let's just say that I love watching magic happen. I mean, being a part of it is great too but watching it is fantastic.
low point of the week: my friend was trying to explain something to me about plant physiology and light because we had a test the next day. as he was explaining things to me, my mind started wandering to the block of cream cheese that I have in my fridge and how i was going to consume it. I'm feeling pretty stressed right now about using all the resources i have and for some reason making sure that I use this cream cheese is a real concern. I don't want it to go bad like the last cream cheese I had... plus I don't have bagels to put it on nor can i eat bagels.... point is, my friend finishes explaining this principle to me and i nod my head in agreement then say: "wait...can you please repeat that, i'm really sorry, i was thinking about cream cheese..." 
high point of the week: so many: words cannot describe. 

that is all. 

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