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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cooking Fail

Today after I got home from school around 9 I decided it would be a good thing to eat dinner. So I ATTEMPTED to make sausage, eggs, potatoes, onions and broccoli for greens (see! I can be healthy when I want to). When I went to pull my sausage off the pan- still red, and I definitely burned a hole in my roommates potato bag with the hot pan (shhhh!)
When I went to pull an egg out of the carton: "break!" eggs juices everywhere in the fridge.
When I went to crack another egg into the pan, 'crack too soon' eggs juices running down the side of the pan an onto the stove. (although fyi, my eggs turned out delish!)
no mishaps with the potatoes and I still have all my fingers.
When I went downstairs to my roommates room to eat said fail-food, 'spill' water all over her first-aid kit backpack.
It was pretty much a food fail tonight, although everything eventually turned out tasting really good, I'm quite proud that I accomplished even that after all the roughness.

gooing to bed!
 :) Maren
p.s. all the words in the quotation marks are supposed to be sound effects (like home star runner or a poorly made cartoon)

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