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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Triumph!

Driven by the long riding desire to put my old radio in my new car (pun intended) today I finally accomplished my goal!!!!!!
Don't even worry, I definitely looked like her, however, instead of assembling airplanes and bombs to go to another country in defense of this beautiful land, I assembled my modern day fighter jet. This baby and I have seriously bonded. The chariot- as I fondly call him- underwent a frightening operation where at one point his beautiful wood covering completely peeled away left him looking bare: 
Fortunately, the surgeon didn't leave him open for long. 
The good news? Aesthetically, the plastic surgery was successful, everything is back in place and the Chariot is recovering well. Mechanically? We now have iPod capabilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But seriously, I feel very accomplished. And I have bettered my quality of life by at least 4%.
The final product?
Would you believe that only took me an hour? :)
That is all. 

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