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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I promise I am not being neglectful on purpose...

Well maybe a little. How could you want to sit inside on your computer in Bellingham weather like this.

So I most definitely have been sitting outside in the grass all week and I most definitely have a weird rash on my arm along with some weird bug bites. I think all the pollen is getting to me. Or maybe it's the hayfever or maybe it's the freshly cut grass. Whatever it is, I would like to now kindly ask for it to leave. I don't want to look all red and rashy for graduation... although who will remember and it will be covered up by the robes.

I do have to say, one of the benefits of being in choir for so long is being used to the ugly random robes... It will be just a concert... We're even singing!

Ok. I'm really tired now though and want to go to bed. I just felt really bad for not writing anything. It is supposed to rain this weekend here or next week, maybe, just maybe, then I will catch you all up on what's been going on...

Guess you'll just have to keep watching to find out huh?!


Love you all!!!

Thanks for your love and support and attention.

Maren :)


Kristine said...

You can hang onto the ugly robe and use it as a church dress when you get pregnant... someday. It's about the equivalent of some of the things I've seen in stores. Glorified paper bags. Hideous.

Glad you're still alive. :)

The Winns said...

Hey! Congrats on the up coming graduations!! I didn't know you had a blog! Now I can blogstock you, lol!