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Saturday, August 22, 2009


When my mother turned 18 as her family was sitting down at the dinner table to eat a good ol dinner of stuffed green peppers (yum) she turned to her parents and emphatically expressed that she DID NOT like stuffed green peppers nor had she ever liked them nor would she ever eat them again. Needless to say that we as a family don't really eat green peppers. Ever.

When Alex, the oldest brother, turned 18 (or a few months later) on Christmas Eve as we were setting up for a big Booth-like party with a bagillion people, Alex turns to my mother (the cruise director) and says "I hate decorating for Christmas, I think all this materialism is stupid and when I have a house I am never decorating for Christmas and I am done with the whole family Christmas thing"... Love you too Alex!

When Austin turned 18, he had already had a few freakouts that there wasn't anything too crazy. Yaay Austin?

So, when I turned 18, or a few days before, I couldn't take it anymore and confessed that I really DON'T like fairs. And it may have just been a momentary freak, I may have just been having a system overload but it's mostly true. Fairs (at least the rides) are dirty and hot and whenever I go my friends DEMAND that I go on EVERY ride... grrr.

So as I have turned 18 now, I am looking forward to a new life. School is going to be great but I won't lie I am nervous. I also won't lie that I am excited to be able to govern my own time although my parents have been EXTREMELY willing to let me pretty much do what I need/want. :) yeaay!

So as part of my THANK YOU everyone! here are pictures of before and after :

I'm out!

oh p.s. next post (and when I'm not so lazy) I will post pictures of my new (and AMAZING) wool coat- Thank you Gail!- AND my new 'bubble-yum meets wonder bread- dress!

:) Night!


Michelle said...

bahaha. I love the 18 year old freak outs from the booths! Always in for a good laught (later down the road..) :) We need to do lunch or something before you go!

Kristine said...

Too bad for Alex, he married someone who likes to decorate for Christmas, he's never going to get away from it... :)

I think I had a continuos "I'm a teenager" freakout from 13 - 18.. Who am I kidding, I still have them.

Jenna said...

So, I kinda like fairs, but refuse to go on the irdes... I don't feel good about any rides that are meant to be taken down at the end.

Kristine said...

P.S. You're looking so... old... like in a grown up way, not an over-the-hill way.

Maren O_o said...

Thanks Kristine!...

Jenna I miss you and I think that we need to get together soon.

Michelle. yes. I would love to. When. where?

come to a singles activity... call me.

love maren :)