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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That's what I need to do with everything. My wardrobe, my bedroom (as in cleaning it), myself (inside and out)... pretty much everything. The good news is I will have a new start at UW. I've decided (years ago) that August is one of the most depressing months because you have to start thinking about school and since I get older this month I always think about the next year of my life and the things I have to do and the new responsibilities that I will have. It always makes me sad :(
Then people start school shopping and you start the battle of thinking about trying to be cool again... that never really works.

well I need to go write down my to do list.

what a bummer of a post... sorry!

love Maren :)

p.s. I am actually really happy...


Kristine said...

Think of it another way - you have a new experience just around the corner. You're going to be a year older and hypothetically a year wiser. This year you are officially becoming an adult as recognized by most states in the U.S. Shopping for new clothes is never a bad thing... unless we're talking bra shopping, which is almost always MISERABLE. I agree preparing the year's to-do list can be daunting, but I think you have so much to look forward to. A new school, new people to meet, and your first taste of independence, which is liberating and scary. You will have a much better appreciation for all that your family has done for you and you'll figure out more about yourself. Enjoy the journey! :)

... and in less than 2 months you'll be an Aunt!!

Rach said...

oh Maren, stop your whineing and get prepared for the funnest time ever, ok? Seriously, its awesome:freedom, new friends, complete clean slate(no one knows you) you can start clean, be a new and better you and no one to stop you or hold you back. live it up. as for school shopping...isnt that fun?

Stephanie said...

Ok Miss Maren - you are about to embark on the most amazing time of your life.. College is an incredible experience one that you need to embrace. It is a great time of discovery, the beginning to the new "adult" you, and most of the most wonderful time to "revamp" yourself. You are one of the most genuine people I know and your new adventure that lays ahead of you at the UW will be scary but amazing and incredible all at the sametime.. as for the school shopping.. i have only one word for you.. "GRANDMA" !! :)

Love you.. Aunt Stephanie