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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love Robert Alexander Booth because...

He makes Kristine tell me funny stories about pregnancy.

He has apparently very large arms and hands much like his Uncle Austin and Great-Grandpa Wally.

His extremely dark hair and hairline are just like his Father Alex... which is weird that he's a dad.

He makes Alex and Kristine so cute as they fuss about him and what he's doing.

He's smart little boy who doesn't like his cold hard bassinet but much prefers his mother's warm soft arms (he's like his father and mother... always looking for comfort).

Anyways, I must be leaving. I'm trying to move today down to my apartment but we're not sure if I can get in today. Just in case anyone didn't know, Mom, within 1/2 an hour of Kristine going into labor, had a fiasco with the ladder painting the house and broke her foot and ankle... so now she's looking for a doctor to perform the ankle surgery.

It's pretty much been a typical Booth week...

Well we love you and hope that everything is going well with all of you.

Signing off,

Auntie M!


bex said...

isnt it fabulous being an aunt when you cant even see the baby for months? hahahah
well i get to see yours. :) jealous? BLOG!

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the sisterhood of Aunts you will be an amazing Auntie Maren. Have a great first week of school and I'll see you this weekend!! YIPPIE!

The Jensen Family said...

Yeah for being an Aunt!
Hope this school year goes well! Good luck.

PS. Tell your mom I hope she feels better soon!

Thane said...

I got to hang out with your nephew today. He's a very cute baby. And yes, I totally just blogger-stalked you.