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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What We Love About Kristine!

October 11, 2009 is a verrrrrrry big birthday in Kristine's life.
Here's a few things that we looooove about Kristine: (Not in any specific order)

She married Alex! (We were a little worried about that one. . .) Actually we've realized we need to worry about all our kids. We're so happy she's a voluntary member of the Booth family.

For what ever reason she's gotten in the car, boat, airplane, car, boat, airplane. . .more than once.

She's the internet queen. She can find anything online, did you know that Windex takes out red nail polish from couches? and anyone's blog can be found (so beware)?

She uses a hair pick when she drives...I had never seen that before and thought it was cool and tried to use it... needless to say that she is the only one to be able to successfully pull it off...

She's very organized, has a job, and always a wipe in hand (does she shower her baby with wipes...only time will tell). . .some might call her obsessive, we call her hygienic.

She talks to old and young alike, is extremely thoughtful, a good snuggler and flamingo sleeper. (Sophie)

We love that she makes board games more exciting for the whole family.

She appreciates middle of the night food runs and the bodily results.

She loves to GeoCache and even in scary places where there might be cougars (Cornwall Park ;)).

She loves both chick flicks and guy movies with snacks of course.

Although she's not adventurous in food, she let us suck her into Thai food...mwahahaha.

She let us come on her honeymoon! (This might show a little insanity, but we appreciate her budgetmindedness. . . )

And finally, she can flash her baby blues, and beautiful smile even after squeezing out another adorable Miller/Booth!

YOUR THE BOMB KRISTINE!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!WE ADORE YOU!!!!! (you don't even understand how much!)


Kristine said...

Thank you for the comments, you're all too nice. I'm pretty sure I tricked the family into taking ME in. Either way, I'm glad it worked... :)

Bex said...

ahah AMEN to all of the above. becoming a member of the booth family also meant adopting the mattsons... ;) i'm just proud to say i met krisine before alex did!! ;)