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Monday, January 24, 2011

Done and Done

One of my favorite things is working so hard all day and realizing that you have checked off everything you needed to do. It is SO satisfying. 

Life is hard. BUT: the good news is, we get to choose how to respond. Lots of times, I look back at a situation and think: "I should've said that this way, or I really should not have let that happen, or I need to change how I look at that person" but all we can do is our best everyday. i'm learning how to be content with that. Tomorrow is a new day, everything looks better in the morning, of course once you've had breakfast. Although, I have had some mornings where nothing looked better, but even then, I chose to look at it that way. 

That is all. Carry on. 


Michelle said...

Maren, you are so wise! In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the first habit is to be Proactive. Go out and make decisions in your life that will better your life. Steven Covey says life is a direct result of the decisions we make! Ha the funny thing is, is that I am writing a paper on this exact topic right now... or was and should be getting back to it! Miss you!

Stephanie said...

So wise for such a young age! Miss Maren you do not know how much I needed to read this comment today! Thank for reminding me that Life really is what you make it! Love you!