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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year?!

The insignifighanigans started when I was driving myself down to Exhibition Hall (downtown Seattle) and I took a wrong turn by my house and had to turn around. Then as I was turning left to get onto 45th the guy coming towards me flashed his lights at me reminding me that my lights weren't on. Great. Thanks guy! So as I'm struggling to turn them on (you have to understand that the truck has a dimmer switch on the floor, I swear I didn't touch it at all but it likes to play games with me) my lights are flashing all over the place. Then I see a cop tailing me pretty close. So he pulls me over. Here's the best news: he was the youngest most attractive cop ever. I was actually quite relieved because I figured I could 1. get my lights on so I wouldn't die on the freeway and 2. I somehow new it would be a man so if he was older, then I am just trying to get the lights to work on Daddy's truck and if he was younger then I am the girl who recently had to borrow this truck and still isn't quite used to how to get the lights on. Well, he was the young type so I just told him I was really sorry but relieved that he pulled me over. After struggling with my lights for a few minutes we finally got them working and he checked my license and registration and I got off Scott-free. Aren't you glad you got to see a little into the mind of Maren... there's a little nugget of how I work for you, although I might get myself into trouble for revealing some of these thought processes. Anyways, I got myself there, danced with some old friends and some new ones. Can we talk about how I love fresh RM's, they seriously crack me up: "girls, girls, there are girls everywhere and I don't know what to do....maybe I should invite them to church, or maybe if I put my head down they won't look at me... no wait, I'm supposed to look at them now." That's not quite how these boys were but they were still real fresh. The fireworks off the space needle were fun and then we danced for a little while longer. Miraculously we all got ourselves home without any sort of mishap (me and the three boys). I thank Dean and his friend for not letting me die by walking to my car in downtown Seattle at 1:30 in the morning. The only problem is that my house key doesn't open the deadbolt...so I was locked out (by this time it was 2 am...) luckily, my roommate woke up and I was able to get in, that would've been scary.
Anyways, make lots of good goals and be happy. It is going to be a FANTASTIC year. Make the most of it.

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