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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guess who's joining the Circus!!!!!

That would be me. You should probably be jealous of me flying through the air being caught by a man with -7% body fat. The first time I climbed up the ladder to the platform, my head was saying: "I must be crazy, why am I climbing up a 30 foot ladder to then jump off?" As you reach the top of the platform you chalk up your hands and the assistant pulls you around to hook you in. After you are hooked in you have to let go of the anchor on the platform, trust that the assistant is holding you up and grab onto the bar with your other hand while you are completely leaning your body over a 30 foot drop. They then say: "ready" you bend your knees and 'hup' jump off the platform into an imaginary basketball hoop. Then the adrenaline takes over. The rest is history. After I graduate I will be joining the local circus troupe- keep your eyes open for cirque du soleil tickets!