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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

4 Places to go, 3 Drivers and only 2 cars...

That poses a slight problem. Any suggestions? I have a choir thingy, Mom has to be at the stake center, Dad: the Institute and Sophie the YMCA... this is funny. I am totally willing to ride my bike down the hill to the concert thingy, but I might have told someone I could give them a ride. Oh by the way, Cabaret Concert at the Northshore Church on Marine Drive by my house, you have to pay but I guess it's going to be really good... I actually haven't heard as many of the numbers as I should have. Although the ones I did hear were amazing. The proceeds go to SQHS Concert choir... but please don't feel like you have to come. Just a suggestion if you're bored tomorrow. oh yeah, 7 pm.

So I am definitely going to be an aunt to DA DA DA DA DUH a NEPHEW. My family and I looked at names today. Unfortunately, we really have no say. I guess I'll just have to wait to name my children... I may already have a few names picked out, but maybe not.

Well, my first day of work was good. I do however think that I am getting a cold. That's not very good. So I'm going to go to bed.


Maren :)


Kristine said...

Alex started calling the baby random names, Rex was one. I said N-O. I think he enjoys watching me cringe when he comes up with awful baby names. The only name's we are semi-okay with so far are Weston and Justin. Maybe that will be our weekend project..

Kristine said...

P.S. Looks like you guys have a perfect opportunity to ask someone (or a couple someone's) a favor for a ride. :)

P.S. I think we nixed Edgar. We're leaving it for you or Austin to use.