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Sunday, May 10, 2009

For those who care (a.k.a. Kristine)

Here are my senior prom pics. I went with Tim Hoyt, which was really fun. We definitely went to Olive Garden and made masks for the masquerade theme out of kids menus, crayons and our straws. Tim asked the hostess for a stapler and we stapled the straws to the menus. Then we went to Mallards where I got Peanut Butter ice cream and Tim got nasty rose flavored. It most definitely tasted like really strong perfume. And it got stronger in your mouth. My hair was done impromtu but Rhea! Thanks Rhea!
I think I look crazed. Maybe I am.... you tell me!

On the deck...

The dance was ok. We mostly sat on the deck and waited for people to come out to us because it was pretty hot in there. It was at the Bellwether in the restaurant. It was really pretty. The dance itself was not something I was willing to dance to... but other than that it was really good to see all of my friends, which was the ultimate goal. We ended us leaving at 11:10 I think. Much earlier than anyone there. The biggest surprise and happy thing of the night was that Aaron Doud and Melanie Pierce (both friends of mine) won Prom King and Queen. They are totally underdogs and there were a ton of more popular people there but I was sooooo happy for them. What a great memory.
My dress was compliments of Gail Hildebrand and my closet. Yaay for using resources. I also used Mom's jewelry box and quickly made the starfish necklace. It was great and I'm wearing it right now.

I do have to admit though the best part of the whole night was being able to come home and talk to my parents guilt free and know that I have fun and was safe and would wake up in the morning still absolutely worthy to enter the Temple. I definitely wanted to cry and some of the things I was seeeing at the dance and some of those pictures are forever burned in my mind but I am completely worthy. Which I owe to my Mom because she is an awesome mother and taught me the gospel. The sad thing about the dance was that if those people had the gospel they wouldn't have to look for happiness in another mortal being like themselves. Don't get me wrong, spouses and family are pure joy ( wink wink... or so they say bahahaha, but seriously, they can be) but they were looking for happiness and fun in the wrong place...

I love my MOM. I would not be who I am without her and my Dad teaching me the gospel and instilling in me that knowledge and love for it. I know that not everyone has that in their parents, my Mom didn't. So I am grateful for this opportunity.

I love you all. Good night. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Love Maren :)


Kristine said...

Thanks for sharing!
As always, you look beautiful.. I love the color of the dress. Tim looks older than I remember. Is he getting ready for his mission??

P.S. You and Rhea totally sound alike on the phone. Granted, we were having a hard time hearing in general, but you guys totally sound the same!

Fatty.Matty said...

that's awesome you had fun! I hear senior prom is a fun....but kudos to you for having a great foundation built under your feet, I really admire you for being such an awesome person!

Matty :-)

p.s. you are crazy

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!
Honestly; you have become a knock-out! Not that looks are everything...bla bla bla..
But they sure are nice!
And here you are talking about the beauties of life that most adults you will meet will never understand. The older you get, the more you realize age means nothing.