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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, quickly before I start making my dress, hello world, it's nice to see you all.

If you haven't checked out my cousin's blog today, you might want to. Her blog is 'Oh hey' if you just scroll down and click on the right side bar. It made my day, it might make yours!

Working 8's are annoying, but more annoying is falling asleep every time I try to read my scriptures. GRRRRRR oh well, I will get myself into a rhythm, I've already had a really good suggestion about that.

Institute is great!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 26 years and counting... isn't that very exciting?

k, I am going to start cutting out my dress, it is going to be excruciatingly cute, although maybe not on me, but on the hanger!

love Maren :)

p.s. I am in serious need of socializing so if you need to hang out during the day or even just to talk on the phone, I am TOTALLY open to that...



Kristine said...

Okay, so this is totally unrelated, but it made me laugh, which is good. I was looking at Ikea for random house things and they had one product called "Maren". Guess what it was? A toilet seat. Isn't that awesome?? They named a toilet seat after you. :)

New dress = fun! I wish I could sew. Unfortunately, all of my clothes are bought and all of my repairs are done with safety pins and tape... no good.

Rach said...

blah blah blah, all talk and no pictures. we all want to see the creations you are making! get on with it woman.

Fatty.Matty said...

why don't we hang out anymore?