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Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess Who's Home?

Here he is....
and in case any of you are wondering... He is still Austin. He still talks... Right now he is calling the doctor.

I'm pretty sure we thought that the thing on his foot was either a cist or a tumor. well the doctor took an MRI and guess what they said. It either a cist or a tumor.

Thanks guys,

Heres the "grotesque" thing. Ps. the black stuff is sock lint not frost bite.

well I gotta go do some homework...

Guess what?! Since I started writing this, I learned that I got accepted in Arizona State University. This is probably my first choice so that's awesome! Now all i need to do is find the money to pay for it...


I know, I know, that's weird coming from me...

anyways goodnight!

Love Maren


Kristine said...

Congratulations Maren!! That's great news. We'll pray for you to figure out how to pay for school if you pray for us to figure out how to pay for baby... deal? :)

Are yu waiting to hear back from any of the other schools you applies to? Or are you pretty much going with ASU regardless?

Kristine said...

Disregard the massive typos in my last comment... I've having issues over here.

Tami said...

How exciting! I'm glad he is the same. Also, your blog is cute!

Jenna said...

Congrats on ASU! We'll have to come up and say hi in the next while... I'll try to call you.

Maren Booth- Suze said...

Yes! I hear that you have some new Jenna!

Deal K.

Tami- thanks i like twilight... Did you like the last one?

Love Maren