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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your Vote....

SOoooo, guess what?

I'm excited, but I don't know where I want to go. My options at this point are these, and they are both exciting. But at least I know that I'm going somewhere that's not Bellingham. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Bellingham, but I think that it's time for me to move on. Maybe I'm totally wrong...

Well... whats your vote?

Keep in mind I still have 2 more schools to hear from.

Welp Good night!!!!

P.S. Two Weeks + Inside+ Chile = insanity... Although if you've ever met Austin, it doesn't even take that much :[]


Kristine said...

That's a tough decision... there are so many things to consider. Cost? Who has the better program? Do you qualify for more grants/scholarships at one over the other?
Plus, you have to take into account the other 2 schools if you're accepted there as well. At first I thought I'd nix BYU if it were me, BUT cost-wise and environment wise... you can't beat it. Plus, we'll still be here and I'd love if Auntie Maren were in town.. So... I'm zero help. Not a big suprise since Indecisive is my middle name.

I love Austin's drawing. It's awesome!!
I recall another Austin drawing..."Gimme your pee, pee"... hee, hee. Love it.

Rach and Chad said...

WHOOOOOOT WHOOOTTT!!! congrats Marn (as the Hoyts say) both are good schools. Out of state tuition...sucks, but if you can find someone to pay for you to go to ASU, have fun in the sun:) UW....amazing, I mean, who wouldnt want to live in Seattle? tell me, who?

But BYU is 'wicked' cheap, its a huge culture shock, I am still recovering and I was in Idaho. But its a great school and TONS of fun people...and plus it sounds like a little tiny Booth will soon reside there as well:) Lots of options. you know the real answer, pray.

kaitlyn said...

hmmm... not sure if you want my opinion, but you are getting it anyways. :)

i only applied for in state schools (UW and WWU) because i had to pay for school 100%, even though it was my dream to go to ASU. (and sometimes i still think it would have been great). well, i got into both and came up to WWU because i followed a boyfriend here, nice huh? while i do regret not going to uw i am glad i came here in the end because i met trevor. not that this is relevant to your case. but,

i will give you my sister's story: she is top in the nation at rowing and was able to get a full ride scholarship to any school she wanted to go to. Her final three were UW, University of Michigan, and University of Virginia. She prayed a lot about it and finally chose University of Michigan. She still feels that she is "supposed" to be there (maybe to teach her patience?!?!?!) but i know that she wishes she went to UW. She has always been really close to my mom (as i know you are with your mom) and it has been REALLY difficult for her to not be able to see her but in the summer and over christmas break.

I am sure you are dying to strike it out on your own, but be careful what you wish for if you do enjoy spending time with your family. Seattle is far enough that you will be able to make your own life there, but you will still have the option to go home and cry to your mom when necessary (and it probably will happen).

i am not sure if you are still waiting to hear from byu, but everyone (pretty much) who goes there loves it. probably because everyone understands your morals and values and where you come from, might be a nice change.

i guess in the end PRAY ABOUT IT...... ALOT!

Good luck! no matter where you go you will do FANTASTIC!!!!!