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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who's the best AUNT ever???!!!

That, of course, is debatable. But the only people in the running's are ME and SOPHIE!!!!!

Guess what! If you haven't already figured it out (in which case i am a little worried), Alex and mostly Kristine are pregnant!

p.s. I am allowed to tell you that because she has it posted on her blog

Maren :)

Auntie Maren...

Auntie Sophie....



Kristine said...

Yeah, I can't keep secrets. We know this. Putting it on the internet pretty much blew my cover. Or maybe it was the pickles I had with breakfast?? ~kidding~

I'm glad Auntie Maren and Auntie Sophie are excited. I hope we have a happy, healthy hair monster for you to play with in 9 months...

Kathy M. said...

:-) Can't speak for the Booth side, but there will be six others in the running on the other. ;-)

Hoping all goes well with the pregnancy and we'll all get to meet the newest little Booth this fall. Am guessing there will be blue eyes and dark hair, but maybe we'll be surprised. One thing for sure... life as they know it will never be the same. :-) (And that's mostly all good.)