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Monday, January 5, 2009

Re-entry = sucky

Please excuse my "language." I'm not sure how or why i am still in school. Sometime staying at home and being a slob sounds really good. But then I remember that I have do report back to someone and if i can at least do what I'm supposed to even at a minimum maybe the Lord will bless me to be happy. Maybe? Please? I think i need to go to bed now. I'm sorry this is a sad blog but sometimes frustration should be expressed. But like Bex said- 5 month and 10 days until graduation. Actually less for me but whatever.


Maren :)

P.S. Hope your dreams are sweet. I hope mine are too :)


Kristine said...

I agree, re-entry is sucky. But, the good news is, tomorrow is another day and you can do it all over again. And maybe, just maybe it will be a little better. If it's still sucky, just do your best and eventually you'll be graduated. Then you can move on to the next stage of life... COLLEGE!!

Maren Booth- Suze said...

How are you guys holding up? we had a rain day today. School was canceled because of flooding. But not the college. Lame! But whatever. I have to go watch Oprah and do math... :)

Maren :)