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Thursday, January 15, 2009

One More thing down...!!!

Do you have any guesses as to what this means?

Do you have any clue as so the significance of this day?

I'll give you one more guess...

SO Today I presented, passed and completed my culminating project at the high school. This means:
-I can now graduate freely
-My UW applications are in as well as my ASU.

I just wanted to thank so many people for getting me to this point. Nicholle Jones- thanks for being the best community advisor anyone will ever have! All of the stake people for making my project possible. Hannah Hoyt for going to the committee meetings faithfully. Mom and Dad for so faithfully pushing me to keep doing what I am supposed to, for your continuing to pray for me and have some semblance of faith in me. For always "rubbing my eyebrows"
(Shout out to Chad!!) I only hope that I will be able to help you some time in my life...
For Alex and Kristine who always take an interest in my life and loving me even when i beat you both at Puerto Rico [:)]. Of course Laurie Mercer for making the process as easy as possible and somewhat painless. (I only hope that i was able to add to your waistline in the process! ;)) And to the many countless others who have been the shoulder for me to cry on (Bex). But I think my greatest thanks goes to My loving Heavenly Father and Savior without whom, none of my life would be possible and for putting up with all my failings...

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. I am going to try and not do this again until you all receive my graduation announcements. I know, i know i am super "sentimental" and weird but lets face it, this is a momentous day in history! oh and sorry about the font size, i wasn't trying to overwhelm you but i can't make it work...

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Kristine said...

Congratulations!! We are so proud of you, not to mention blown away with all that you've accomplished this year. Do you remember how nervous you were when you started Running Start? You've done very well. Thanks for being amazing and a great example to us. We love you!


P.S. I'll give you credit for your win at Puerto Rico. That was pretty much stellar. Just know that I'm going to perfect my strategy to make sure it doesn't happen again. :)