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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Black and Tan: A crime of Fashion

"I beg you pardon? My name is black, his name is Tan... I can't believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family."

"you don't remember where you were this afternoon?"
"No, it was yellow and boring. just write down that it was lame. I do like that jacket, somewhere a transient is shivering in the night."

"I'd rather shower with a bear."

"Dude, you thought I was gonna have trouble fitting in. I have this shirt, this shirt, this shirt and these are my exact Kenneth Coles and that picture of my mom parasailing in Montego bay?! You moved me in here?"
"dude we got lucky, they just threw somebody out. Now, help me set up the clapper"

"Hey guys whats up?"
"Initiation that's what. Give me your best shot. bleh"

"did you accomplish anything last night besides selling me out for vacant head?"

"sweet, let's call the chief and get paid!"

"Wow, she's really planting one on him huh?"

I am so excited because in a few short hours, and maybe already, Becca and I will only be 1/2 an hour apart. :[]

well. Now someone else needs to computer. I LOVE PSYCH. It makes me happy. Sometimes I wish I could be like him. You know, conscienceless and able to lie and have fun. I'm a TERRIBLE lier. I guess thats a good thing.


maren :)


Fatty.Matty said...

I'm confused :(

Fatty.Matty said...

Sorry I didn't talk long on the phone today....like 18 people were talking loudly around me/to me....some people are kind of inconsiderate....pero si, feel free to call when ever you get a chance....I really wanna hear how things are going down there with you crazy booth people

Maren O_o said...

why are you confused about all the quotes? maybe you haven't seen that episode.

We are having a family get together for dinner so I don't know when that will be over. You can call me and I might not answer. If I do call it will be later and you'll be bored cause nothing has happened.

don't feel bad about the phone call...

Maren :)

bex said...

DUDE! i love that psych episode. and i can totally see it in my head. hahahanha
and i love being mentioned in your blogs. ;)