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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hate is a strong word

But valid. I think we overuse it sometimes. So right now I am sitting on this wonderful pillow that Kristine MADE me take home :) with me and thinking about the ironies of life. I hate science. It has pretty much always bothered me or given me bad grades or I have not been able to grasp whatever it is. Yet I want to be a doctor.... I hope you see where this is going. Why would she want to be a doctor if science is so frustrating to her? Funny thing is, my science ACT scores were better than my math scores... by A LOT. And since the science portion is last I pretty much guessed on the last couple sections... SO. What does this have to do with irony. Probably nothing. I am taking biology as you all have seen but I have to admit I thought I would hate. I LOVE IT! I start geeking out about the dumbest things and just love it. Oh man... it's crazy. When did the switch turn on? the English class that I thought I would love? Hate it. Ok. Hate is a very strong word since it is only the second day but let's just say that the subject matter is different than I expected. But it will be eye opeing... hehe

I just wanted to inform you all that I have gotten another email notice of a 2nd assualt incident at the UW Seattle campus. Just wanted to calm anyone's fears about me going there. I'm sure I will be fine... I hope... I 'll just sleep with a knife under my pillow. That's assuming that I will have a place to put my pillow. :)

I have to apologize for this post sounding sarcastic and like I am unhappy. To clear that up, I am happy. I'm content. Yes there are storms coming, I guess we are in the middle of a storm, but I feel peace. This quarter is going to be good. Only 9 more weeks until I can leave SQHS and move on with my life. Only 10 more weeks until I graduate with my associates...assuming that I pass my classes, which I plan on doing.

So today I came home from school and the grocery store and went into the garage to do the chickens. In the morning I had filled the food dish thingy with food which, by the way, they were very excited to get to eat. When I came home, they had kicked the dish FULL of wood chip so that they couldn't get to the food. While I was cleaning out their stuipidity, one of the chickens decided to attempt his great escape. Luckily his wings weren't strong enough. Even though chickens are kind of stupid and the pecking doesn't hurt (yet) they are kind of fun to pick up. I can see why people like them. However, in observing Sophie with these beasties, I have come to realize that she is the 4-H girl and I am the city girl. I think I just look so awkward trying to make nice with chickens. Yeah, it doesn't really fit my style.

I should stop boring you all. I need to eat and do homework... yes!

Love you all

Maren :)

p.s. I am really sorry for boring you people. Sometimes I just feel like writing...I guess that's what a personal journal is for


Kristine said...

Boring? I don't think so.
Sometimes it's nice to get some thoughts out so you can focus on other more important things, like your comfy pillow. I'm glad you took it. If only you would have taken that way too full box of Cup-O-Noodles off my front table as well. That would have been awesome!

So, I just realized I pretty much don't geek out about anything academic. I hated all of my classes, except band. I'm a loser.

The Jensen Family said...

Darling Maren-
Coming from someone who is in the medical field....no one does well/likes the generic, all encompassing science classes! I also hated and never did well in the other science classes, but loved biology which is what medicine is all about. Therefore, it's not so much a change of heart as it is you finally just get to study the area of science that you enjoy. (As a side note, as you will become a doctore...way more than I acheived, you will probably also get to take chemistry...you might not like science again at the point, just focus on the parts you like!)
Miss you, but I am glad you are doing well and that you can still make me laugh even miles away.
Good luck this semester.
Love, Natalie