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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Writer's block

So it has been one week since Austin left, again... weird. How many missionaries can you say that about? How many missionaries do you want to say that about? The house is kind of empty and boring and now I am dying. I've been coughing like a fiend, my mother gave up finally and bought me cough medicine. I slept pretty much all day yesterday. My mean family took pictures of me too. I look like a vampire, maybe one day I'll post one. But they are kind of bad. i really do look disgusting.


I think the title says it all, goodnight!

love Maren :)


bex said...

haha. i can say that about a certain missionary in my ward.
namely kyle. haha
yeah you know what i mean.
but that was in a bad way.

Fatty.Matty said...

I made him a journal, well it's a class assignment for Book Arts. Once it's graded and returned to me I'll give it to you guys to send to him.

I hope you get better soon, colds and coughs are pretty lame and are never fun. I'll make sure to pray for you and your health.

~Matty :-D

Fatty.Matty said...

I saw someone with your name today on a game show....same spelling and enunciation....it was pretty random. I was finishing my printing and heard the name so looked up thinking, "why would she be on a game show?"....but it wasn't you :-/

Maren O_o said...

That's funny! O_o