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Thursday, April 23, 2009

from chippy

Dear Austin,

I know that you probably know that I prayed you home. And I even was able to extend your stay by 4 days, but I want you home! Nobody pays attention to me here. I know that Maren takes me with her to Seminary sometimes and in the car I totally get loved by Liz. I even get a walk at least once a day... but YOU are the only one that I love. I want YOU to take me home with you, but we have to take the chickens with us. Maren's bed is pretty warm although whenever she tries to get comfortable or stretch out her legs she kicks me. IT'S SO ANNOYING!

I heard that my...cousin is making him/herself known to the world. I sure hope that when he/she is born that I still get LOTS of attention. well, I'm hungry so now I'm gonna go sleep cause I already got fed. It will keep my mind off my stomach.

Love, Chip


Kristine said...

Poor Chippy!!.. Maybe he needs a lady friend.

cole linnae said...

dude. youre funny.

i mean, chips funny.

Fatty.Matty said...

haha, you know they're just gonna put dresses on you again!

Kristin May said...

At first when this was on my little mini feed, I thought it was a post from Sophie. And it made me really sad. But then I figured it out. Don't worry.