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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why hello all!

I feel like my titles are never clever enough... oh well. Deal with it. That's the kind of the mood I've been in today. That's not very good... I know. I'm getting better. Maybe I need to eat something healthier than mac'n cheese and cheez-its. I cannot explain my apparent craving for fake cheese today. "It's not me talking, it's a scientific fact, girls can't beat boys, it's as simple as that." if you can name that movie I will give you something next time I see you (you name it), which, again, could be in a long time. That was a really random quote.

I've decided to be brave like Matt and post a picture of me from the sock hop. The downfall is that I wasn't actually at the sock hop when these pictures were taken...

I cannot explain to you why I look... stupid or why Sophie looks depressed. I guess you will have to make up a story to yourself of why that is.

"He's so handsome and rugged and chiseled and great!"- can you guess what movie I may or may not be watching right now...

I am really excited because today was Thursday and now that it is over I can be done with school. I guess I have a class tomorrow but it's pretty low-key and I am so sick of my Tuesday/Thursday classes. Well actually only one. Have you ever just been so fed up with a class that you feel like telling everyone in it to just... nevermind. It's been annoying. But I have to say that honestly this has been the only class for my whole first two years of college that I have felt this way. I feel like 1/21 is a pretty good ratio. I like the teacher... I guess I should've known when I signed up for it. Oh well... I'm almost done anyways.

ok I should stop bugging you all with my complaining. On the flip side: it was oober sunny today :[] that makes me soooo happy. I also get to go to the cabin this weekend. What is better than S. Whidbey in May.

Ok. who can believe it is already May? NOT ME! I only have 5 more weeks until I granulate! So ridiculous... what to do what to do.

So today on Becca's blog i read that she's not allowed to wear flip-flops anymore. ok, that is so depressing. I think I would cry... although I hate my feet so it wouldn't matter as much for me.


I LOVE you all and wish that I had more time to travel around and visit you. Call me sometime and I will try to hang out.

have a wonderful night!

Maren :)

p.s. soak in as much vitamin d as you can, like i've said before... I am soooooooo deficient.


Kristine said...

The picture totally weirds me out, mostly because Sophie is starting to look so OLD! She's becoming a teenager before our very eyes! How and when did this happen?

We had Mexican food for dinner with Richie and Laurie. Which means, I totally pigged out on chips and salsa (my real craving) and ate some dinner. Lately I've been craving Chips and Salsa, Mac n' Cheese, green olive concoctions (like olive tapenade) and chile verde. Weird baby. 5 more days 'til we know what this baby is... besides a werewolf.

Fatty.Matty said...

She's the Man

mac and cheese = good stuff....I haven't had it in awhile

I wish I could be outside more in this sensational weather we've been having but Western and my institute classes demands too much of me :( I say I revolt and protest learning indoors! why can't the school invest in laptops and teach outside?

anywho I must be going to bed meow because I am just tuckered out :-O(me yawning)

Fatty.Matty said...
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