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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I am posting this right now because I have class as 5:30 and I need to eat something.

I guess I have not much to say except that I have been crazy busy and I am sorry that my blog is REALLY boring. If only, if only, the woodpecker sighed, the bark on the trees was as soft as the sky...

sorry. I am really random and movie quotes are something that I am good at pulling out of my hat. Although i must admit that Austin is probably better. Now if any of you can name that movie, I will be very impressed. Or maybe I just live in a hole and don't think that any of you get out much.... hmmmm

Today I took a math test and I don't think it went very well, however, I am extremely grateful that I was calm about it because my friend sitting next to me was so nervous. He even emailed me after class to make sure that he got one of the problems right... poor kid. Little does he know that he is sooo much better off than I am. Oh well. I guess we'll see tomorrow how I did. Which reminds me, I have to go to class..

Love you all and have a wonderful night! Remember, they (those people who say a lot of things (name that reference! I dare you)) can't take away your life... and in the end, there are more important things... most of the time. I guess it depends on what you are dealing with..

AHHH brain dump!

Maren :)



Kristine said...


Fatty.Matty said...

I was just about to say the same answer, dangit

I'm not gonna lie....I can't name the second one :/

Maren O_o said...

Man you guys are good! When did you see that movie K? I guess I just don't think that there are many people who have seen all the movies that I have.

Anyone got the second one before I reveal the answer????

anyone, anyone... don't all jump up at once... bueller, bueller...

Haha i was gonna say name that movie again but that would be stupid..

ok back to hw!

maren :)

Fatty.Matty said...

Well in that case Ferris Bueller's Day Off....how many movies have you seen?

Kristine said...

I've never seen that movie. I'm just that good. :)

Maren O_o said...

how? That amazes me!!!


Kristine said...

The power of Google, my dear... the power of Google. Never under estimate the power of resources. :)

Maren O_o said...

I guess I shouldn't... but still no one has figured out what the second movie reference is. Well, just kidding Mom and Dad and Austin but they have an unfair advantage.


Maren :)

Kristine said...

No idea on the second.. I was saving it for Matt. I can't always be the one with all of the answers. :)

P.S. I missed you today. I was on my way to work thinking about when I lived in Bellingham that one Summer and got to hang out with you and the family all the time... we'd go geocaching and stuff. Remember how Sophie wanted to go with us so bad, so we finally took her to the Cornwall Cache and she freaked? It kinda' makes me laugh now. Poor Sophie. And the late night we ate Jack in the Box (sick!). Good times. I miss those days. Hopefully we'll still be a little bit fun when we come back.