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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some will Win, Some will Lose...

Do you realize that the titles of these blog posts are most likely the thing that I am thinking about right at the time of writing. This is probably going to be a really random post. Just the little things that I am thinking about. Right now my Dad is reading to us Jesus The Christ by James E Talmage. We have been exiled into my bedroom because my Mom's visiting teachers are here. It's kind of fun being banished in my bedroom. So last night I went to the Hoyt's house to hang out and actually go to a play. Unfortunately, the play was sold out... however we went to dinner with the Hoyt's (Thanks Hoyts!), and then hung out. It was super fun. I needed it. And then, I did a really girly thing, I asked Heidizzle to paint my nails... I know, What was I thinking. I just totally had this girly brain fart. I really liked the color though so that's why I did it. To make me even more girly, my mom bought me and Sophie a hairdryer and straightener. It's horrible. But I guess I am a girl so, it's a good thing. This post is really random. I don't have much to say... We are going to skype Alex and Kristine right now.

Do you want to see a picture of Austin's foot? By the way, he is fine. The surgery went really well. He has had no pain, and no nausea. He thinks that they cut a nerve in his foot, maybe they did. But Doctor Booth thinks that he is a really lucky patient.

Alex and Kristine are fine. We even got to talk to Kristin, who I LOVE by the way. I miss Booth family humor. Luckily I only have to wait 10 more days and get through 6 more finals. YESS... this weekend has been really relaxing. I did some homework but I didn't have as much as previous weekends. So, somehow we got a meat slicer. I think it is pretty sweet that we have that now because my mom has been slicing everything that she can find in our fridge. You know my mother, the name of it is meat slicer but really it is the cabbage-carrot-meat-anything else that can be sliced- slicer. So now we have a bunch of bags of sliced up food that my mom had fun with today. It was funny. You know my mom... if a little vitamin c is good for you, then a lot is even better for you.

I'm really tired, however, I have to admit that springing forward this year wasn't as bad as previous years. I went to bed at 11:00 (aka 12:00), and that was really good. I woke up and was kind of tired but it was just like a normal day instead of waking up an hour earlier than being used to. I know that that was last week, I'm just saying that this year it was fine. Going to WA D.C. this summer however was not fine. It was horrible because not only was it 3 hours earlier than our bodies were used to but we had to wake up early on top of that. It gets so hot in the summer that we had to get up at like 6 to eat and get ready so we could walk around D.C. before it got super hot. That trip was really fun but it was tiring. I think my favorite part about D.C. was watching the new Joseph Smith movie at the Temple visitor's center. That is a movie that I would like to see again. I think I will have to go when we are in Utah for spring break. The part about D.C. that was not church-y that I liked was definitely not the Holocaust Museum. You could ask my mother, I told her that it was a horrible thing that she was making me do by going in there. I have to admit though that it is something that I feel every person needs to see. The worst part is the glass hallway that goes up really high that is just filled the shoes of the victims. yeah I know, it was horrible. But I got her back by making her go to the 9/11 museum. I think that was my favorite museum... well maybe not. But still it was really good. I don't think I have a favorite. But anyways, it was really horrible because in that museum they have artifacts and the worst one is the plane window that had been melted and bent. And they play little movies and sound clips of all the phone calls and news stories. One side of the wall is empty and then as the museum progresses the wall accumulates "Lost" posters. They all have pictures of loved ones that people haven't found yet or they just want to make sure are still alive. I have to admit, it was pretty horrible.

My favorite part of the trip was sleeping in the Benjamin Franklin room on the bed that was as old as Benjamin himself. I'm pretty sure that it was the same bed that Benny himself slept on before he died. Mom and I were sharing that bed while Sophie slept on the twin bed next to us. Eventually Mom realized that the twin bed was more comfrotable and kicked Soph out to get some sleep. It was funny. The ceiling was so low. It there had been a fire, we would've died because we were on the top floor of one of those cute old homes that is like 3 feet wide and 40 feet tall. The hotel itself was really cute... like I said, "Philadelphia is a cute town." I got a lot of flack for that one. Apparently you can't call a town with a lot of crime cute. I think two of my fondest memories were a). walking around the town of Philly and seeing historical houses with signs about people dying of yellow fever here a long time ago and who they were. I think my mom and I were still cringing from that one being the germ freaks that we are. Oh and also probably because she decided to listen to a book on tape about the yellow fever epidemic that hit Philly. After that trip she was stripped of her rights to choose books on tape. It's always either war or nasty epidemics and corny love stories... b). Running literally around the corner from the pub where we got the most amazing French dip sandwiches to our hotel (yes the Benny Franklin one) in the rain. Now right now you are thinking, you live in Washington, whats a little rain to you? In Washington it rains but it rains all the time. On the east coast, when it rains, it rains like you have never seen it before. We even ordered dessert and more drinks to avoid the rain for five more minutes hoping it would pass. So we literally RUN around the corner to the hotel and we were SOAKED through. My underwear was wet... it was funny. The puddles in the street were at least up to our ankles. Then there was the New Jersey hotel. We had had this wonderful day at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and New York City and then we pull up to our hotel for the night... um yeah no! there was NO WAY I was staying at that place.

but for now I am done talking. I am hungry and I need to eat something...

I love you all and hope you weren't too bored by my random anecdotal blog..

Love Maren :)


Kristine said...

Only 10 days to go... that's exciting!!
I hope you have time to watch North & South while you're here. I think you'll really like it. (We're just finishing it now.)
Alex really wants to take you all up the mountain too if there's time. It's his new cool thing to do. It looks fun, but I get this image of me rolling back down that doesn't sound like fun.

Hope the next 10 days go by fast. Work hard so you can play when you get here, 'kay?

Maren O_o said...

oh man K, I'll be done with school, except for a Health test that I'll have to study for.


Maren :)

Kathy M. said...

"It's always either war or nasty epidemics and corny love stories... "

Is "Gone with the Wind" available on tape?

Fatty.Matty said...

tinkie winkie nails

Kristin May said...

Oh Maren... I'm honored by the shout out. I still swear nothing I say is realllly that funny. But I love you too. Yay skype!